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Ed Perl, the founder of the Ash Grove on Melrose in West Los Angeles, the center of the folk revival in L.A., recalls Alan's coming in the club while Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys were appearing. He walked straight up to the stage, and after the second number he asked Monroe where he got the song he'd just played. "I was shocked," Perl said. "Nobody ever did that, let alone to God. Bill responded, "Is that you Alan?" and they proceeded to talk about and demonstrate the influence of black music on Bill and bluegrass - from Alan Lomax, The Man Who Recorded the World, by John Szwed

Author Topic: 12-Bar Blues with 16-Bar Breaks  (Read 315 times)

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12-Bar Blues with 16-Bar Breaks
« on: December 16, 2012, 12:00:36 PM »
Hi all,
We've had a thread on the forum for a number of years, "8-Bar Blues With 12-Bar Breaks", and it occurred to me it might be interesting to expand on that idea by thinking of blues that are sung as 12-bar blues but switch to a 16-bar form for their solos.  I'll start the ball rolling with a couple that come to mind:
   * Mance Lipscomb's "Rocks And Gravel Makes A Solid Road"
   * Little Hat Jones' "Rolled From Side To Side Blues"
Any others you can think of?
All best,