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uncle bud:
I stumbled across this at the library, much to my surprise, and borrowed it. One of the DVDs in Stefan Grossman's Guitar Artistry series, it features Geoff Muldaur singing, playing and chatting, in what seems to be a single session, and boy it's enjoyable. The music ranges from pretty traditional to pretty modern takes on country blues, jazz and a little gospel, great guitar playing throughout and wonderful singing. The interview segments are worth the price of admission alone, with reminiscences of hanging out with Lonnie Johnson, Sleep John Estes and John Hurt (hilarious story about everyone in Avalon smoking weed but really wanting to save their money to buy gin), as well as thoughts about his approach to performing blues and arranging for guitar. And the opening performance of Wild Ox Moan is just terrific.

Thanks for the post, Andrew. I agree--it's a great video--and it's only a few bucks more than a CD. Fretboard Journal 13 (Spring 2009) has an excellent article on Geoff. I haven't seen the Homespun instructional DVD, but it appears that he covers covers several songs that plays on the Guitar Artistry DVD:

Obviously, he's a very interesting and talented guy.

Support your local library!

I haven't seen the video, but I heard an appearance by Geoff on Terry Gross' "Fresh Air" show on PBS about the time the video was released, and he was terrific, much as you say, uncle bud and Stuart--engaging, smart and funny and when it came time to play and sing he really delivered the goods.  He's always been such a strong and distinctive singer and in the past number of years has become a really nifty guitarist.  He has a lot going on and it's always interesting to hear what he's doing.
all best,

The "Fresh Air with Terry Gross" program is available on-line:

as is the "Texas Sheiks" live broadcast on the Bonnie Simmons show on KFPA:

As I mentioned in the original thread, their set begins at about 1:10 in.

Geoff has been working on his high-brow string quartets but he will dust off the guitar pretty soon.  He and Jim Kweskin will be playing at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley on Sat. Nov. 12 with yours truly accompanying on fiddle.  And, the Texas Sheiks, all but Stephen Bruton (RIP), will be in Portland OR on Sat. Jan. 7! 

Maybe see some of you Weenies one place or another,


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