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Now if you evuh wanna call up de Devil, don't furgit dat he gonna test you out good an' dat he ain't gonna show up de first Sunday you goes out to de forks of de road an' calls 'im; he ain't gonna show up no sooner'n de third time you calls 'im an' maybe not den - from Jim Finn on Calling Up the Devil in J. Mason Brewer's American Negro Folklore

Author Topic: Lattie Murrell (aka "Lottie Murell" aka "Lottie Merle") discography  (Read 1493 times)

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Lattie Murrell discography online !
... recorded 1971 by Bengt Olsson and 1980 by Ziggy Christmann / Axel K?stner
Anyone knows anything about that artist's date & location of birth (& death - as the case may be) ?
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