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Author Topic: Per Req: Washboard on song "Big Fat Mama" by Honeyboy - My simple method  (Read 705 times)

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Per request. This unlisted video of my simple washboard technique that allows me to play with almost anyone of any style music. The less showman style seems to last much longer before wearing on the nerves. So I'm able to have a lot more fun with it and gives me something to do when the room is already full of guitars and I don't want to muddy the waters. This thing also allows me to inject timing into situations where the guitarists or people leading the jam or song have sloppy timing. This sound just melts various instruments together like cheese fries. Almost healing the flaws. I really find this setup valuable in the studio too. Even when adding additional fill it works wonders. I've got a home made washtub bass that's a real show stopper but that's another story. Hope this reaches who asked for it. Careful what you ask for, hehee ;)

By the way it took me a long time to find the right kind of tomato can, polished tiny river pebbles and get the sound just right. This slop in the can is a nice tool and I can rack the can edge on the wood and get more sound combinations. And in this video you can see this washboard setup can get very funky which is more difficult with your standard, more serious, washboard setup.

The right hand is using brass thumb and fingerpicks a friend gave me years ago and simply recycled. I find the familiarity I already had with picks allows me to use my thumb and two fingers as individual tools, beats by dragging, raking or just whacking them straight down onto the metal surface.

I have several washboards and they dont all sound great. My zinc one was my favorite until I got used to this more mellow brass one. Some of the ones I've bought have the wood supports on the backside damping the movement of the rippled board deadening the sound. I just kept searching Ebay till I found deals. You don't have to pay the silly prices some antique shops want to charge. There are also some good companies making washboards for music making. A friend of mine even has a signature model at one of those companies... Columbia?


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