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Author Topic: Guild Guitar fan club  (Read 6447 times)

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Re: Guild Guitar fan club
« Reply #15 on: July 09, 2015, 03:49:12 PM »
Rats. My Guild F30-R has developed a crack right up the center of the back starting at the tailpiece. It's adversely affected the loudness, which in turn has killed the tone, since good tone is hard to achieve without amplitude, IMNSHO. Alongside that, it just feels dead to play. Very sad.

It lived for a few months in very dry conditions in Denver with no humidification, got trucked all over the country last year, and I believe that these things have lead to this sorry state of affairs.

Luthiers and owners who've had similar problems, would you care to comment on how hard/easy might it be to fix such a back crack? I can post a pic if it helps the diagnosis and treatment.

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