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Author Topic: Radio Bristol  (Read 98 times)

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Radio Bristol
« on: March 06, 2019, 03:53:33 PM »
One of the discoveries I made at this year's Wintergrass was a fun trio that calls itself "Bill and The Belles." Bill (who is really a Kris, but both Belles are truly Belles) has a day job running a streaming audio service from the "Birthplace of Country Music Museum" in Bristol, Virginia.

The service has four channels, one streams programming from an FM radio station, the others are labeled "Bristol Americana," "Bristol Classic," and a video streaming service. Bill & The Belles do a regular (weekly? monthly?) radio show a la Prairie Home Companion called "Farm and Fun Time," trying to recreate the morning shows that American farmers listened to for many decades.

On Tuesday and Saturday afternoons they stream 1-hour shows produced by Joe Bussard in his basement. I think they're two separate programs, but I'm not certain.

Lots of hillbilly, lots of Western Swing, some honky tonk, there's a show that plays nothing but pre-war 78s ... but the blurb doesn't mention any country blues. Radio Bristol seems to have a lot of programming featuring scratchy records from the time period that we love so much, but it needs a country blues programmer ... looks like they also have shows featuring contemporary "country" music, but it's easy to switch to another channel ...

There is a *ton* of stuff to get lost in on this site, it's got archives galore of past individual programs, including Joe Bussard's.

Makes me nostalgic for Weenie Radio ...