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Introducing the Weenie Mug!


We couldn't resist taking advantage of the new Weenie Logo and the, a 'one off' product manufacturer catering to internet websites.

Mugs are $12.99 (of which $2 goes to support and Weenie Juke Radio).  How can you resist hyperbole like this? ;)

"Contemplate the wisdom of Country Blues greats as you sip your morning caffeine allotment. Perfect for surfing the Weenie Forum or listening to Weenie Juke Radio!"

Nick Dooley:
Can one still purchase a Weenie Juke Radio mug?  Nick Dooley, Mallacoota Australia

Hi Nick,

The Weenie store has long since closed - we had an occasional sale, but not enough to justify paying for the store.  However!  I'd be happy to upload the artwork (attached to this post) and you can then take it to a "design your own" online store and have your mug, a T-shirt or whatever you want.  The place we used was Cafe Press, and I see you can switch the site to Australian $ - so maybe they have a branch in Australia.  You might shop it - here is an Australian outfit that does the same thing.

Have fun and let us know what you end up doing.


Norfolk Slim:
I'd love that slack.  I had the mug but it disappeared years ago. ..  Would be great to have a new one.

Simon, I don?t know why I hadn?t thought of this before.  I?ll hunt up some more artwork , including the main logo, and post it all in one place, probably under the ?Site Announcement...? board.


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