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Chris - your suggestion does make internal sense, but presents two problems -  for me, anyway.  The first is that the verse as you suggest it doesn't really fit with the theme of the rest of the verses - certainly not a huge issue with prewar blues lyrics, but the whole cooking/food theme does seem rather carefully worked out in this tune for him to have blown it off in the first verse.

The second is that at the end of the first line, "make things gay" scans well enough, but "they" doesn't fit at all.  I'm fairly certain of "dessert" at the end of the first line, both from the sound and from the sense - it fits...  it's just that damn end of the first line...  I'd certainly sing your verse as an interim alternative, though.

Yeah, I think dessert is right too, what I have is just my phonetic cop-out. I'll keep listening to it, though. Of course, if you're doing both parts, a verse or two could easily be excised.

The line is very close to "I got a girl in a cafe downtown, where the MADE THINGS WAIT".  I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but the audible consonant and vowel sounds are "MAY THINS WAY".  It could be "MADE THINGS WAIT", talking about baked goods or some such thing, but I really don't like that solution.  Or it could be "MAID [?] WAIT", if Charlie's girl is a waitress.   

After a bit more listening, I think it's ""I got a girl in a cafe downtown, where THEY MAKE THINGS SWEET", with "they" shortened almost to "the", and "sweet" pronounced as "swait".  It makes sense as something that would happen in a cafe, and fits with the "dessert" theme.

uncle bud:
The first time I listened to this I heard "where THEY MAKE THINGS RIGHT" and I'm still hearing that. THEY is more like THA' or THE as dj notes. The sense of this doesn't necessarily work with the girl not being able to make a decent meal.

My 2 cents.


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