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Author Topic: New Releases on BMG's "When the Sun Goes Down" Series  (Read 2304 times)

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New Releases on BMG's "When the Sun Goes Down" Series
« on: August 09, 2004, 03:38:10 PM »
I think these albums will interest many of the subscribers to this list. If someone has already listened to either of them, I'd be interested in your feedback.


Date:   11 July, 2004
Posted by: Doug Pomeroy

Latest Releases in BMG's Pre-War Series

Two more albums have been released in BMG's "When The Sun Goes Down" series of reissues, all re-mastered by yours truly - with occasional transfers provided by others - and in most cases from BMG's original metal masters.

The first is called "East Virginia Blues", which is meant to indicate a "hillbilly" theme. In addition to the obligatory Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers tracks (2 each), there are some relatively rare items included, e.g., Cliff Carlisle's "That Nasty Swing", Roy Shaffer's very rare "Matchbox Blues", Vernon Dahlart's famous acoustical recordings of "Wreck Of The Old '97" and "The Prisoner's Song" (from a mint 78 provided by 78-list member Jack Palmer), a lovely, previously unreleased 1938 recording  of "Constant Sorrow" by the Hall Brothers, Gene Autry's "Do Right Daddy Blues", Billings and Robison's "Birmingham Jail", Riley Puckett's "Nobody's Business If I Do" (talk about politically incorrect!), The Blue Sky Boys' "In The Hills Of Roan County" and "Mary Of The Wild Moore", Grayson & Whitter's original recording of "Tom Dooley", the Lone Star Cowboy's version of "Just Because", Jimmie Davis' "She's A Hum Dum Dinger From Dingersville", the Monroe Brothers' "Will The Circle Be Unbroken", plus others...

Second, is a gospel album titled "Sacred Roots Of The Blues", (a title which is obviously misguided, but try to overlook it,  BMG's marketing department insisted it had to be thus), which includes some real gems which I promise you have never heard before!  In addition to single tracks by Paul Robeson, Marian Anderson, Rev JM Gates, the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, and the Hall Johnson Negro Choir, there are many less common records, such as the very rare 10"
Victor record of "Poor Moaner" by the Dinwiddie Colored Quartette from 1902, Lonnie McIntorsh's "The Lion And The Tribes of Zion", the Utica Institute Jubilee Singers' fabulous "Peter On The Sea" from 1929 (which will show you where Do-Wop came from), the Taskiana Four's version of "Hide You In The Blood", Blind Connie Rosemond's "Going Up The King's Highway", Elder Michaux's  "Happy Am I", the Pace Jubilee Singers' very moving "Leave It There", and many others.

This gospel album was perhaps the most difficult I have ever worked on, and I would be dishonest if I said it couldn't sound better, but 90% of the material sounds great and it's pure gospel gold, so if you have any interest in important recordings in this genre, please check out the 27 tracks included. (The Bluebird website,, is totally out of date, but *eventually* it should show this album and list all the tracks included  - also try:

By the way, these two albums are expected by the producer to end this reissue series, since nobody expects the general public to buy albums of authentic hillbilly and gospel music in numbers sufficient to justify further releases of such "obscure" roots music.  (Deja vu!)

Note, Columbia/Legacy has recently put out a batch of reissue albums produced by Larry Cohn. I purchased "The Best Of The Mississippi Sheiks", and 'The Best Of Lucille Bogan" (an interesting title for her!), and "The Best Of Reverend J.M. Gates". The transfers were apparently done in California by David Mitson and Stephen Marsh - names not known to me.  The sound is, overall pretty good, IMO.  (I didn't order "Crazy Blues -  The Best of Mamie Smith" which, consisting of acoustical recordings, will be an acid test of those engineers' restoration abilities.)
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Re: New Releases on BMG's "When the Sun Goes Down" Series
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2009, 09:51:13 AM »
I was searching for Lonnie McIntorsh and found this post.  I have a Pandora account set up with a playlist for early gospel flavored guitarists and similar stylists, so it also plays all the usual Blind * practioners, Furry Lewis, RJ, etc. 
It played "The Lion and the Tribes of Judah"  (note slightly different name than listed above) which I like mostly because Lonnie has his own take on guitar style.  Makes it stand out.  Does anyone know if the two songs are the same?  The source album for Pandora is "Blind Willie Johnson and the Guitar Evangelists".

Anybody heard the gospel album mentioned above?  Sounds great.

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Re: New Releases on BMG's "When the Sun Goes Down" Series
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2009, 10:40:44 AM »
Hi Dave - I'd say the name listed above is a misprint and the title is The Lion and the Tribes of Judah. Lonnie McIntorsh did not record The Lion and the Tribes of Zion according to Blues and Gospel Records.

I don't have the BMG release (though do have the Willie McTell issue from the series, which I'd say has excellent sound). The JSP set of Blind Willie Johnson and the Guitar Evangelists has four McIntorsh titles. "The Lion and the Tribes of Judah" and "Sleep On, Mother, Sleep On" are stand-outs for me, but they're all wonderful given McIntorsh's driving guitar sound and very pleasant singing. There are some "McIntorsh and Edwards" tracks on another JSP set called Spreading the Word, also really enjoyable.

All of these tracks can be requested on the Juke.
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