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Much of the Dolceola's checkered history is recounted in various journals as well as the previous Yazoo 2003, which you may refer to now before discarding - Pat Conte, notes to The Key to the Kingdom, Washington Phillips, Yazoo 2073, which describe Phillips' true instrument as a paired Phonoharp and Celestaphon

Author Topic: Lead Belly: A Life in Pictures  (Read 5565 times)

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Offline uncle bud

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Re: Lead Belly: A Life in Pictures
« Reply #15 on: April 28, 2008, 06:52:58 AM »
Hello Lead Belly fans!
Great to see the interest in this fantastic book on my great uncle Lead BELLY.
My grandmother Tiny Robinson worked with John Reynolds on this book for many years and finally it is published into a book form.
You can order copies by contacting the Lead Belly foundation at
Or place an order through
make sure to check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary we are producing at

This book has unseen and rare photos of Lead belly with family and friends and a letter from Woody Guthrie!

Look out fo the Port Townsend Blues festival coming and a exhibit we are working on.

Welcome to WeenieCampbell, LB! Looking forward to Port Townsend. Tiny was a special guest there several years ago, I think the same year Harry Lewman was teaching.

Also looking forward to getting the book. As for the documentary, is it completed? Any idea of release dates?
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Offline jostber

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Re: Lead Belly: A Life in Pictures
« Reply #16 on: May 19, 2008, 12:51:03 PM »
Just got this book, and it is a marvel. A wonderfully conceived large hardback with a lot of great pictures and information on our hero. Thanks to Tiny Robinson and John Reynolds for this. Recommended!

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