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Author Topic: Weenie Juke Rotation and Request Policy  (Read 8976 times)

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Weenie Juke Rotation and Request Policy
« on: July 12, 2004, 06:16:10 PM »
Weenie Juke Rotation and Request Policy

Welcome to Weenie Juke Radio, an internet  interactive broadcast and the Best Country Blues radio station on the internet. We currently have 50 listening slots at 64 kbps.  Please do not Rip our stream, we try to follow DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) rules.  If we detect a player known as a ripping agent, we will ban the IP using the agent. 

You can listen using LoudCity's built-in player, or use Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Audio, iTunes etc.  Download links are provided on the LoudCity page after you click ?Tune In? on the main Juke page.

Playlist Scheduling:
We have Specialty Hours and Special shows that are played throughout the week.  Check the Event Schedule for a weekly schedule.

Song Rotation Rules:
No repeat album within 120 minutes
No repeat artist within 180 minutes
No repeat song within 720 minutes
No repeat track within 240 minutes
Within the repeat limitation rules above, our automated DJ picks songs based on the following:

Random Pick based on a Random Method
Least Recently Played Artist

Weighted Rotation:

Within the rules above, the rotation logic is weighted according to time period.  Pre-War Country Blues in Heavy Rotation (weighted scale of 70 out of 100) Post War Country Blues in Medium Rotation (50 out of 100) Revivalist Country Blues in Light Rotation (30 out of 100). Weenie Juke will always emphasize Pre-War Country Blues.

Request Policy:

Due to a rash of automated and manual juke spam as of November 2012 only logged-in members can place requests and dedications.

The same viewer (that would be you) can make a request 2 times every hour, but no more than 10 requests a day. Requests are placed at the bottom of the queue, three songs are kept in the queue at all times.  Requests are delayed approximately 1 hour (50 minutes plus the three songs currently in the queue). Requests follow the Song Rotation Rules above.  Specialty Hours and Shows are loaded to the Top of the Queue and will push Requests to the bottom of the queue while airing.

Logged-in members can also make Dedications.  If you Dedicate a Request your message will appear at the top of the right hand column on the Juke main page along with the previous 4 Dedications. 

Weenie Juke is now part of the co-operative and the above reflects the rules we must follow in order to broadcast legally! Thanks for listening!
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