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Author Topic: Re: "Dark" sounding performances  (Read 192 times)

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Re: "Dark" sounding performances
« on: October 05, 2014, 02:05:00 AM »
So...I got up on this  Sunday morning, fixed myself a coffee, and thought, how am I going to promote my recordings? Surely they're just too "dark" to find much of an audience!  So I was glad to find this forum. The first song is my favourite. I really like Skip James' recordings. This song's played on an old Stella guitar tuned to E minor, and I stole  Skip James' technique of playing a note with another one an octave higher.

Both songs have carnal and occult themes.

"Spittin' Snake an' Hissin' Pussy" Blues


The next song is more early John Lee Hooker-ish. The first John lee Hooker music I bought was the old Red Lightnin' No Friend Around vinyl LP. My  recording  is  as hissy as that LP. ... IIRC Red Lightnin'  put on the sleeve that the recordings have been remastered from 78s, so there is some background hiss, which  can be lessened by turning the treble down. I recorded the songs straight onto an android mobile phone with a LiVo recording app. Then  when I had a bit more money  I remastered them on a PC with a mixcraft software, which has valve amp effects. The remastering seems to have added hiss, as well as improving the guitar and vocal sound.  On this I play  a homemade 3-string resonator cigar box guitar.

 "Re-animation Job" Blues, no.2

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