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Bulldog Down In Sunny Tennessee
key of G

There's a couple of words I'm missing. The place in  Tennessee where all this took place is one.
And Sal almost lost something when the pants tore but I can't make out what! It may be important to the narrative!

Once i knew a little gal her daddy called her Sal
she was living down in sunny tennessee

She had red long wavy hair and her face had freckles there
and of course you know she was the girl for me

One day i said i'd go just to see that gal y'know
for i longed to sit right down by her side

But her daddy always had a big dog he was bad
and i never could ask her to be my bride

Up the path i drew at last on the inside gate I passed
and i knew the old man's waiting inside the door

you could hear that bulldog growling through the gate i could not see
but i knew the old man's waiting just to set that dog on me

round the corner i heard a click heard the old man holler "Sic!"
for i knew i's getting a thing i's looking for

I shall never forget that spot in that little old backyard lot
where that bulldog chased me out of Tennessee

How i thought of Mama dear as my pants began to tear
and my darling Sal seemed almost lost to me [almost lost her knee]

You could hear old Sal a singing as she said farewell to me
as i crossed the hills and hollers to my home there i did flee

As the moon rose in his glory and i told my Ma the story
of that bulldog down in sunny tennessee

edited to pick up corrections from Cleoma, banjochris and uncle bud

I think that first word is "sunny", just pronounced differently:  "sunnah"
Can't make out that other line, though.
Great song!!!  I love the Carolina Tar Heels!

In verse one, the missing word is "sunny." One of them pronounces it jokingly as "sunn-eye." If you listen to a lot of hillbilly 78s you'll occasionally hear people pronouncing words like "lovingly" as "loving-lie" -- I think it's supposed to be "archaic" sounding, and they're making fun of that. You can hear it done non-ironically on the Carter Family's "Anchored in Love" and on several Grayson and Whitter records, I think "Red and Green Signal Light" is one of them.

I think "knee" is right -- he's probably touching it and about ripping it off as he's running.

Also, one other suggestion: in this verse --
round the corner i heard a click heard the old man hollered sit

I think the last word should be "sic" or "sick" (however you want to spell it) as in he's siccing the dog on him.

Thank you both. I got caught up thinking it might be Souther(n) at first but i hear what you are saying. It's also clearer in the last verse. i remember the topic about siccing the dog now, too, chris - thanks for the reminder. I'm having lots of fun with this song at the moment.

uncle bud:
In 5.1 and 5.2 it's

Up the path I drew at last, on the inside GATE I passed
AND I knew the old man's waiting...

In 9.2, it's

How I thought of mama dear as my pants began to tear
And my darling Sal SEEMED almost lost TO ME

In 10.2 it's

as I crossed the HILLS AND HOLLERS, to my home there I did flee


As the moon rose in its glory as I told my MA THE story

You can hear all this better in Dock Walsh's solo version, where the lyrics are pretty much the same. Some of the weird spots in this one come from overlapping vocals. Great tune.


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