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Bees and honey in country blues songs?

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Emma Lee:
Hey Weenies --

Do you know of any country blues songs about bees and/or honey? I know Memphis Minnie did at least one. I love the topic because I've always loved honey and also now have a hive of honeybees in the backyard. They are amazing and wonderful creatures and have a fascinating role in the history of humans on every continent, besides being great subjects of literature and poetry and all sorts of double entendre in the blues. Funnily enough, blues lyrics are often a bit entomologically incorrect about bees... there are no "king" bees, bees can't really sting twice, only female bees make honey, etc. But so be it... What country blues songs do you know of about bees and honey? 

Emma Lee

Bunker Hill:
The mention of "bees" immediately brings to my mind the sublime "Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice" by an equally sublime Rabbit Brown. I can hear it playing in my head as I type. :)

I'm a king bee (Slim Harpo) also a great DVD version by the blues bros'

Yves "the froggy"

Parlor Picker:
There must be quite a few, but the first that comes to mind is Bo Carter's "Im An Old Bumble Bee", recently covered by Roger Hubbard on his "Danger Deep Mud" CD (on the Juke).  In that song the bee has a "... stinger longer than his arm".

Seem to remember Taj Mahal has a song that starts "Sweeter than a honey bee..." and good old Muddy sang about a honey bee as well.

Can't think of any blues songs about wasps - maybe an enterprising Weenie will write one...

William Moore's Tillie Lee (my yellow honey bee...).  Not strictly about bees, but great lyrics.

then there's John Lee Hooker (a bit of genre,yes) Queen Bee, stinger as long as my right arm, same line as Memphis Minnie's Bumble Bee.

In the past, Slack taught me the trick of just doing a word search in the Juke for "bee" and "honey" - I'm sure there are many more - I stink at thinking of songs off my head.



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