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It was music which had been brought up from the Mississippi delta by migrating post World War II Negroes and hardened and toughened and electrified and amplified to suit the dance halls and mean streets of Chicago, and it thrilled me to the very depths of my soul. To a dissolute white kid from the mean streets of a concrete housing estate, this music seemed tailored to echo the way that I felt - Fred McCormick on discovering The Best of Muddy Waters (on Pye International), in a world of Cliff Richard and Helen Shapiro

Author Topic: Del Rey - When The Levee Breaks  (Read 1678 times)

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Del Rey - When The Levee Breaks
« on: July 24, 2006, 12:21:05 PM »
The infinite talents of Del Rey continue to amaze and inspire me. I just got a hold of her new album, and although I need longer to dig into it fully, it is already a keeper. Everything we've come to expect from Del. Great songs, inspired performances and a bucket full of fun lyrics and licks.

Also, for those who caught her with the Blues Gators in the early nineties or with Maria Muldaur last year, you'll be pleased to know that several tunes are recorded with her vintage Supro and Airline amp. I don't believe Del's gone electric on record since the Chartreuse album. It is just her and drummer Will Dowd on those tracks, and WAY FUN!

The album is largely a tribute to her childhood roots in New Orleans. There are great old photos of her family and a wonderful introduction. Del has written some razor pointed new lyrics to "Mississippi River Blues" that address the Katrina debacle. A letter writing campaign to get this track on NPR should begin asap.

I'm still absorbing this but on the several spins I've given it in the 12 hours I've had it, I can say run, don't walk, over to Del's site and pick one up.

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