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Author Topic: First Post: Just Where The Heck Is . . .  (Read 772 times)

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First Post: Just Where The Heck Is . . .
« on: March 05, 2013, 04:42:15 PM »
 . . . Banglin'

Skip James "Illinois Blues"

You go to Banglin', tell all my boys
You go to Banglin', tell all my boys
What times I'm havin' up in Illinois

(Forgive me if this is in an incorrect sub-forum in terms of the topic)!

Offline dj

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Re: First Post: Just Where The Heck Is . . .
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2013, 05:35:05 PM »
Hi, GL.  Welcome to Weenie Campbell. 

As described in Stephen Calt's I'd Rather Be The Devil: Skip James and the Blues, page 57, James was working in a lumber camp run by a man named Bob White.  An infestation of rattlesnakes forced the camp to move "from the woods between Valley and Tinsley to Pelahatchee in Rankin County.  The new camp was set on a sloping bluff.  James nicknamed it "Bangling" (a misnomer for "dangling") and composed a song about it."

I find this interesting because in the Northeast rattlesnakes wouldn't be found in flat woodland, they're always on rocky slopes and bluffs, so the camp would have been moving to rattlesnake habitat rather than away from it.  Does anyone know if their habitat is different in the south?


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Re: First Post: Just Where The Heck Is . . .
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2013, 06:16:20 PM »
Definitely rattlers are often found in wooded areas in Texas dj. Particularly country woodpiles. Exposed rocky slopes in high summer in Texas are nobody's favorite place to hang out, let alone a shade-loving critter like a snake. Skip & co must have had a bad problem to want to relocate up there.

I may well be completely wrong though. There's a show on the Animal Channel that follows rattlesnake hunters, shameless ratings-boosting production values but somehow hard to take your eyes off.

Disclaimer: Been here 8 years and seen 4 snakes, 1 very large rattler (roadkill), the rest harmless species wriggling around in the grass, one whip snake in my yard in Austin which scared the crap out of my friend Antonio and his buddies (much to my permanent amusement), the rest in the hill country. I memorized the bad snakes' markings early on, coral, cottonmouth, copperhead, 2 kinds of rattler. Doesn't mean one won't get me though.
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Re: First Post: Just Where The Heck Is . . .
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2013, 04:54:14 AM »
After talking about the Black Snake living under his shed, an old timer in West Virginia told me they were deadly! Trying to think of the best way to tell him he was wrong, he told me " they'll scare you to death" !  :o


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