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Author Topic: J.T."Funny Papa" Smith's Lyrics  (Read 15285 times)

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Re: J.T."Funny Papa" Smith's Lyrics
« Reply #75 on: February 05, 2007, 10:30:07 AM »
I think it's "It won't be long before the break o' day..." with "the" pronounced "dee". 

I hear "It wont be long, befare de breaky day" Sounds like he was drunk.

I'm sure your hearing is what he meant to say.

Thanks, I'll make the change.


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Re: Before Long by F.P. Smith
« Reply #76 on: February 05, 2007, 10:50:38 AM »

Before Long
11) Ain't like I treated you to dog me all the time.
Look like it do you good somebody, (the same one that) saw me cryin'

This verse is a mess but I think I'm hearing the word "mistreated" in line 1. In line 2, I am almost hearing the word "hesitate" as in "hesitate an' saw me cryin'". Whatever that means!

In Verse 11 I think mistreated is right in the first line, but I'm not sure about hesitate.

I've listened to this Verse 11 until I'm blue in the ears. I hear:
"Seem like I 'streated you to dog me all the time.
Look like it do you good somebody, the same one that saw me cryin'"

There is a skip in the 78 (which isn't in good shape anyway) right at the word "one".

This is the best I can do. Anyone else?

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Re: Wiskeyhead Blues
« Reply #77 on: April 16, 2014, 01:23:26 AM »

Wiskeyhead Blues was recorded in March 1931, at the start of FPS's second last 1931 recording session. Obviously FPS spells as well as he tunes his guitar.

This tune has been previously discussed in the "Adventures in Crossnote" thread where Unkie Bud determined the tune was played out of Open Em tuning.;Itemid=83&topic=648.0

The instrumental introduction has an weird, minor sounding feeling.

If your ever asked to play a song about drinkin', choose this one.

Hopefully Unkie Bud can fill us in on the tricks of playing this.

An .mp3 of this tune is attached to one of the posts in the above referenced thread

Wiskeyhead Blues
Crossnote tuning, Key of E

Instrumental introduction

1) I was woke up this mornin' by taste of gasoline. (x2)
But when I woke up I found out wasn't nothin' but my whiskey dream.

2) I drink so much whiskey, it's a wonder that I ain't dead (x2)
All around in my neibourhood the people call me a whiskeyhead.

3) I'm drunk Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm drunk (Thursday) Friday and Saturday too. (x2)
And on Sunday I'm at church, but that ain't what I want to do.

4) You know how I am, you been known me a great long time. (x2)
You know I like my good lookin' women and I gotta have my moonshine.

5) I wished I had a drink this mornin', I ain't nothin' but a drunken slave. (x2)
Come on boys go bury me, 'cus I'm goin' dig my grave.

6) Now the fool that started me ta drinkin', I hope (that) he's dead and gone. (x2)
I hope to leave him in Whiskey Alley where ain't nothin down there but bottles and bones.


The last line of Verse 6 is terrific. FPS was a genius, how would one ever come up with stuff like this. A careful study of FPS tunes like this should be Blues Composition 101, IM(not so)HO.

Great, thanks for this, I decided today to try working this song out, got home and am not sure what this tuning was and also wanted to write down the lyrics so this has saved me a bit of time. I figured out the key was E easily enough but the intro suggested it wasn't quite standard tuning. Not sure of what the exact definition of "crossnote" tuning is. I have heard some describe Open E minor tuning was "crossnote" tuning but this week i discovered there is an E,A,E,G,B,E tuning and someone called this "crossnote" I have played a wee bit in the Open E or D minor tuning but never on this one. Is the the standard with the D string tuned up to E ? It makes sense that it is even though I have never played in the tuning.
                                                                            If someone can clear this up for me all well and good if not I am sure I will work it out. Cheers, thanks for a great thread, I know where I'll go next time I look for old blues lyrics.
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Re: J.T."Funny Papa" Smith's Lyrics
« Reply #78 on: April 16, 2014, 04:09:56 AM »
Hi Greg,

If you click on the link in the post you pasted, there is a good discussion of crossnote by John Miller in reply #14 in response to that question from reply #13.

Also, if you haven't checked out the weeniepedia resource yet, you really should.  Click on the weeniepedia quick menu on the left hand side of the page then click musicianship, click guitar, then click adventures in crossnote.

Also, explore weeniepedia for awhile as there are many great resources including links to lyrics organized both by song and by artist.

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