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Author Topic: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others  (Read 30913 times)

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #45 on: August 07, 2005, 11:02:14 AM »
It looks like the release date in the U.S. is 8/23. Here's a cut and paste info sheet/ track list from one of the pre-order sites FYI:

Atlanta Blues: Big City Blues From The Heartland
Availability:  August 23, 2005
List Price $28.98 
Category Blues, Miscellaneous, Rock/Pop, Box Sets, Oldies Collections
Label Jsp Records
Orig Year 2005
CDU Part# 6900044
Catalog# 7754
Discs 4
Street Date Aug 23, 2005
Studio/Live Studio
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Additional Info Remastered; Box Set


   Song Title
  1. Mamma Was A Sailor - Julius Daniels
  2. Ninety-Nine Year Blues - Julius Daniels
  3. Slippin' And Slidin' Up The Golden Street - Julius Daniels
  4. Ball And Chain Blues - Julius Daniels
  5. Richmond Blues - Julius Daniels
  6. Goin' To Tell God How You Doin' - Julius Daniels
  7. Crow Jane Blues - Julius Daniels
  8. It's The Best Stuff Yet - Curley Weaver
  9. Ta Ta Blues - Curley Weaver
  10. Baby Boogie Woogie - Curley Weaver
  11. Sweet Petunia - Curley Weaver
  12. Dirty Deal Blues - Curley Weaver
  13. No No Blues - Curley Weaver/Eddie Mapp
  14. Wild Cat Kitten - Curley Weaver
  15. Trixie - Curley Weaver
  16. Leg Iron Blues - Curley Weaver
  17. Some Cold Rainy Day - Curley Weaver
  18. Soemtime Mama - Curley Weaver
  19. Oh Lawdy Mama - Curley Weaver
  20. Dirty Mistreater - Curley Weaver
  21. Tippin' Tom - Curley Weaver
  22. Birmingham Gambler - Curley Weaver
  23. You Was Born To Die - Curley Weaver
  24. Tricks Ain't Walking No More - Curley Weaver
  25. Black Woman - Curley Weaver
  26. City Cell Blues - Curley Weaver
  27. Empty Room Blues - Curley Weaver
  28. Two Faced Woman - Curley Weaver
  29. Fried Pie Blues - Curley Weaver
  30. Brown Skin Woman - Curley Weaver
  31. I Keep On Drinkin' - Curley Weaver
  32. My Baby's Gone - Curley Weaver
  33. Ticket Agent - Curley Weaver
  34. Some Rainy Day - Curley Weaver
  35. Tampa Strut - Georgia Browns
  36. Decatur Street 81 - Georgia Browns
  37. Joker Man - Georgia Browns
  38. Who Stole De Lock - Georgia Browns
  39. Next Door Man - Georgia Browns
  40. Coal Man Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  41. Please Ma'am - Peg Leg Howell
  42. Tishamingo Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  43. New Prison Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  44. Fo' Day Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  45. New Jelly Roll Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  46. Fairy Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  47. Beaver Slide Rag - Peg Leg Howell
  48. Papa Stobb Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  49. Sadie Lee Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  50. Too Tight Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  51. Peg Leg Stomp - Peg Leg Howell
  52. Turkey Buzzard Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  53. Turtle Dove Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  54. Broke And Hungry Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  55. Monkey Man Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  56. Moanin' And Groanin' Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  57. Hobo Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  58. Skin Game Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  59. Low-Down Rounder Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  60. Chittin' Supper - Peg Leg Howell
  61. Rock And Gravel Blues - Peg Leg Howell
  62. Georgia Crawl - Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony
  63. Lonesome Blues - Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony
  64. Tantalizing Bootblack - Macon Ed & Tampa Joe
  65. Mean Florida Blues - Macon Ed & Tampa Joe
  66. Try That Thing - Macon Ed & Tampa Joe
  67. Tickle Britches - Macon Ed & Tampa Joe
  68. Wringing That Thing - Macon Ed & Tampa Joe
  69. Worrying Blues - Macon Ed & Tampa Joe
  70. Warm Wipe Stomp - Macon Ed & Tampa Joe
  71. Everthing's Coming My Way - Macon Ed & Tampa Joe
  72. Say I Do It - Sloppy Henry
  73. Long Tail Disconnected Mama - Sloppy Henry
  74. Royal Palm Special Blues - Sloppy Henry
  75. Canned Heat Blues - Sloppy Henry
  76. Furniture Man - Lil McClintock
  77. Don't Think I'm Santa Claus - Lil McClintock
  78. Sow Good Seeds - Lil McClintock
  79. Mother Called Her Child To Her Dying Bed - Lil McClintock
  80. Buggy Man Jail House Blues - Lillie Mae
  81. Mama Don't Want It - Lillie Mae
  82. Bootie Wah Bootie - Lillie Mae
  83. Wise Like That - Lillie Mae

Full title: Atlanta Blues: Big City Blues From The Heartland

Online Johnm

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #46 on: September 16, 2006, 06:10:29 PM »
Hi all,
I thought I would revive this thread since JSP has put out quite a few sets recently that have not been mentioned here.  I picked up one yesterday that some of you probably already have or have seen, called "Shake That Thing!  East Coast Blues 1935--1953".  It is a four-disc set and focuses on the music of three musicians, in the main:  Gabriel Brown, who is featured on 41 cuts, Dan Pickett, with 18 cuts, and Ralph Willis, with 46 cuts.  It has been a treat listening through the set.  I had very sketchy exposure to Dan Pickett and Ralph Willis in the past and had never heard Gabriel Brown before, so it is really interesting to hear their music in such large doses. 
Gabriel Brown, discussed elsewhere on this forum in a thread started by Bunker Hill, was an excellent and varied guitarist, with a smooth singing style.  The most peculiar aspect about what he did is his seeming inability to tune his guitar, but he played really well, and I have never heard a Country Blues player who worked so much in dropped-D tuning.  He has a lot of great tunes in it.  Dan Pickett was an excellent singer, with a vocal tone reminiscent of Tommy McClennan's and an exciting, sort of "revved up" sound, both vocally and instrumentally.  He plays a lot of slide in Vestapol as well as many numbers played in E position in standard capoed very high.  Ralph Willis seems to come more out of the East Coast mainstream, with the strong Blind Boy Fuller influence that most musicians from that region in his generation (Gabriel Brown has some of that influence, too) show.  It's not fair to Willis to imply that's all he had going for him, though.  He has a fair number of pieces that show no Fuller influence, and a couple, that surprisingly sound as though they may have been influenced by Robert Johnson's playing in A.  A couple of Willis's later pieces have a cavernous reverb that's a bit tough to take, but it's a small number.
I have been really pleased with this set on the initial run-through, and it has the standard JSP cost advantage:  four discs for $30.45 at my local Tower Records.  The notes are better than I'm accustomed to getting from JSP, too.
All best,

Online Johnm

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #47 on: October 14, 2006, 05:43:22 PM »
Hi all,
I haven't had a chance to listen to it all yet, but I picked up today the "Blind Boy Fuller, Volume 2" set from JSP.  It is a four-disc set, and in addition to all the Fuller titles not included on the first JSP set of his music it also includes 13 tracks from Bull City Red, including a couple which must have Rev. Davis on guitar by the sound of it, 10 cuts by the obscure Cedar Creek Sheik, Phillip McCutcheon (I'm amazed anyone considers it possible that he was black), 4 cuts by 'Roosevelt' Antrim (I don't know why his name had the marks around it), 6 cuts from Virgil Childers, 4 cuts from Sonny Jones, 6 cuts from Floyd "Dipper Boy" Council, 2 cuts by Welly Trice, 8 cuts by Rich Trice, 6 cuts by Frank Edwards and 4 cuts by Dennis McMillon.  At this point I have listened to everything except the Fuller cuts, and I think the set is excellent without even taking his cuts into consideration, with lots of real finds, both in terms of repertoire and the players themselves, several of whom are quite obscure.  I picked the set up at my local Tower Records store which is having a going-out-of-business sale--too bad, because it was a good store and there were some nice people who worked there, but the cost of the set was $24.36, which, given the amount and rarity of the music on the set, is almost like giving it away.  I look forward to getting to know this music a lot better.
All best,

Offline Bunker Hill

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #48 on: October 14, 2006, 11:51:10 PM »
10 cuts by the obscure Cedar Creek Sheik, Phillip McCutcheon (I'm amazed anyone considers it possible that he was black),
Weird isn't it? When two of his ten were first released on a Flyright Piedmont collection in 1972 reviews in both Blues Unlimited and Blues World commented something along the lines that "surely this is a white hillbilly singer". But after four editions of B&GR he's still listed so I guess the acid test is whether or not he's in Tony Russell's country discography and, if not, then there must be some kind of evidence that points to his being black!
4 cuts by 'Roosevelt' Antrim (I don't know why his name had the marks around it)
Probably means that's the way it either appeared in company ledgers or record label.

Offline Bunker Hill

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #49 on: October 15, 2006, 12:13:59 AM »
Apologies for hijacking a thread of this title but with regard to Cedar Creek Sheik (McCutcheon) and Roosevelt Antrim, Old Tramp paired them on a 1989 LP entitled Carolina Blues Guitar. I thought folk might like to see what was said in the only review the record received (Ray Templeton, Blues & Rhythm 44, May 1989):

Cedar Creek Sheik's records were issued on Bluebird, one of the few record labels of the pre-war era which did not segregate its artists into different numerical series on the basis of their race. This, together with the fact that a couple of his recordings have a fairly authentic blues sound, has led to a confusion whereby he has been assumed to have been black. He is listed in Dixon & Godrich, although with a footnote to the effect that "he may be a white artist".[*see note] Indeed he is, as Bruce Bastin suggests in Red River Blues (page 197) and as is pretty obvious from listening to his complete recorded works on this album. "Only Riding My Mule" and possibly "Something Good" could really be mistaken for the work of a black artist. The rest is very much the kind of material associated with white country singer's car songs, a couple of depression songs; indeed the presence of a couple of blues-styled songs is by no means untypical. It's fascinating stuff, if you are into old time guitar playing, as the Sheik was more than a fair picker and his songs are all interesting (the lyrics sound as if they might be original, but this is said from a point of view lacking encyclopaedic knowledge of the hillbilly repertoire). All in all, it's well worth hearing, but most of it has little claim to inclusion on an album of this title.

Roosevelt Antrim, on the other hand, is a true country bluesman, with a kind of crying toned voice that recalls that Delta obscurity William Harris, but a guitar style that is firmly in the Carolina tradition of Blind Boy Fuller. Incidentally while Dixon & Godrich hedged their bets as to whether or not he accompanies himself here, the discography on the sleeve has no such problems. I must admit that I would most likely never have thought otherwise, if D & G hadn't raised the doubt. In any case, I like these tracks a lot and Antrim stands out as one of those minor figures whose work shows that a tradition is just that, and not just the private concern of a few major figures.
Overall, this is a most interesting compilation, with plenty of good moments and much to engage the mind of the country blues student, By and large, the sound is pretty good, too.
[*since removed from B&GR4 - BH]
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Online Johnm

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #50 on: October 15, 2006, 09:51:18 AM »
Thanks very much for this additional information, Bunker Hill.  It seems right on topic to me, especially since it seems unlikely the Cedar Creek Sheik or Roosevelt Antrim will ever wind up with threads devoted to them exclusively.  I would just add that I think that the Cedar Creek Sheik's songs have a lot of charm, and that one of their unusual features is a cast of characters who appear in more than one of the songs, Miss Etta Prince and Jimmy among them.  It's a bit like Charlie Patton using actual historical personages, e.g. Tom Rushen and Jim Lee, to appear in his songs.
All best,

Offline Rivers

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #51 on: October 17, 2006, 10:31:06 PM »
JSP boxsets are for me like shopping at the U.S. wholesale warehouse chain Costco. You get lots of stuff real cheap. Some of it is crap quality, and most of it you don't have time to consume so it tends to sit on the shelf waiting for the day. Fortunately the iPod has extended my available listening hours by at least 100%

I have the Blind Blake set. The sound quality is fairly hopeless IMO but nonetheless I'm glad it's there. I also scored the Delmore Brothers complete in my unending pursuit of the roots of Doc Watson, excellent set. I intend to get BLJ, BWM and Jelly Roll Morton sets based on good reviews.

Offline Rivers

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #52 on: October 29, 2006, 02:01:11 PM »
I bought the Hoagy Carmichael 1924-1946 4 disk set yesterday. It's really great, has the master John RT Davis's touch where you feel like you're listening to a real 78, rather than a 78 extruded by montrous machinery onto CD. If you like this sort of stuff it's a must have. I love Hoagy and play a lot of his tunes on guitar so this was a no-brainer purchase for me.

I'm listening to March of The Hoodlums right now with Eddie Lang playing real hot with a stompin' little jazz band, you can hear everything, including a triangle celeste at one point. Magic release for weenies into old jazz/popular/standards from one of the all time great songwriters and composers. Hoags, Bix, Louis, Lang, Venuti et al turn up on Naxos and other specialist (and cheapo exploitation) labels and I own a lot of them but these cuts have never sounded better.

The accompanying booklet is 83 pages long and is the icing on the extremely detailed and well baked cake. Five stars.
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Offline Stuart

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Big Bill Broonzy JSP Vol. 3
« Reply #53 on: February 08, 2007, 07:17:01 PM »
It looks like JSP will be releasing a Vol 3. of Big Bill Broonzy sides on Feb. 20. It's titled "The War And Postwar Years - 1940-1951," contains 4 CDs with 98 cuts in all.

Offline uncle bud

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Re: Big Bill Broonzy JSP Vol. 3
« Reply #54 on: February 08, 2007, 07:48:36 PM »
Thanks for the info, Stuart.

Now can someone in the UK send JSP a teenager to deal with their website? I mean, what a nightmare...

Offline Richard

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Re: Big Bill Broonzy JSP Vol. 3
« Reply #55 on: February 08, 2007, 11:43:26 PM »
Calvin........ Uncle Bud has got a job for you....................  ;)
(That's enough of that. Ed)


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Re: Big Bill Broonzy JSP Vol. 3
« Reply #56 on: February 13, 2007, 06:29:50 PM »
Haha, that is a pretty low quality main page, the least attractive and most obnoxious part being that everything is in capital letters.

And I also see that there is a Sunnyland Slim boxed set on the way (if it hasn't been released already.)
« Last Edit: February 13, 2007, 06:30:59 PM by mississippijohnhurt1928 »


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Re: Big Bill Broonzy JSP Vol. 3
« Reply #57 on: February 14, 2007, 10:56:30 AM »
And Even More Obnoxious Is The Pictures.

Most Of Them Are Decent Sizes But Then Big Bill Broonzy Comes Up At Probably 3000 x 3000 Pixels.

And a lot of them will not even load!

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #58 on: March 30, 2007, 11:18:36 AM »
Worth posting the tracklist here, I think, since this is one of JSP's true compilations, like the Paramount Masters set. Note that it includes the recently discovered Son House sides. There's a lot of great music on this set for those who don't already have it elsewhere. I'm more of a complete recordings person myself, especially for a lot of these artists, but this is still a good looking collection.

Disc: 1    
1. Cottonfield Blues Part 1 - Garfield Akers        
2. Bedside Blues - Jim Thompkins        
3. Mississippi Bottom Blues - Kid Bailey        
4. Poor Boy Blues - Sam Butler        
5. I'm Leavin' Town - William Harris        
6. Hittin' The Bottle Stomp - Mississippi Jook Band        
7. Last Kind Words Blues - Geeshie Wiley        
8. Third Street Woman Blues - Blind Willie Reynolds        
9. Muddy Water Blues - Freddie Spruell        
10. Fare Thee Well Blues - Joe Calicott        
11. That Won't Do - Arthur Petties        
12. Four O'Clock Flower Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell        
13. Evil Devil Woman Blues - Joe McCoy        
14. The Jail House Blues - Sam Collins        
15. Black Spider Blues - Robert Lockwood        
16. Traveling Riverside Blues Take 1 - Robert Johnson        
17. Baltimore Blues - Charlie McCoy        
18. Down The Big Road Blues - Mattie Delaney        
19. You Scolded Me And Drove Me - Mississippi Bracey        
20. Milk Cow Blues - Freddie Spruell        
21. Ten Pound Hammer - Mose Andrews        
22. Noiseless Motor Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell        
23. Jailhouse Fire Blues - Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins        
24. 4A Highway - Freddie Spruell        
25. Times Has Done Got Hard - King Solomon Hill        

Disc: 2    
1. Mississippi County Farm Blues - Son House        
2. When The Levee Breaks - Joe McCoy        
3. Ninety Nine Blues - Blind Joe Reynolds        
4. Snake Doctor Blues - Jelly Jaw Short        
5. Little Girl In Rome - Otto Virgial        
6. It's Cold In China Blues - Mississippi Moaner        
7. Bald Eagle Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell        
8. Boodle-De-Bum Blues - Bogus Ben Covington        
9. Bull Frog Blues - William Harris        
10. Dangerous Woman - Mississippi Jook Band        
11. Shaggy Dog Blues - Buddy Boy Hawkins        
12. Devil In The Lion's Den - Sam Collins        
13. Quarrellin' Mama Blues - Arthur Petties        
14. Devil And My Brown Blues - Sam Butler        
15. Take A Little Walk With Me - Robert Lockwood        
16. Last Time Blues - Charlie McCoy        
17. Dough Roller Blues - Garfield Akers        
18. The Crowing Rooster - Walter Rhodes        
19. Motherless Child Blues - Geeshie Wiley        
20. Married Woman Blues - George Torey        
21. She's Young And Wild - Willie '61' Blackwell        
22. Cherry Ball - Mississippi Bracey        
23. Bad Notion Blues - Otto Virgial        
24. Don't Cry Baby - Freddy Spruell        
25. Rowdy Blues - Kid Bailey        

Disc: 3    
1. My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon - King Solomon Hill        
2. Snatch It Back Blues - Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins        
3. Machine Gun Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell        
4. Revenue Man Blues - Arthur Petties        
5. Mr Freddie's Kokomo Blues - Freddie Spruell        
6. Over To My House - Geeshie Wiley        
7. Barefoot Blues - Jelly Jaw Short        
8. Jumpin' And Shoutin' Blues - Garfield Akers        
9. Look Who's Coming Down The Road - Georgia Pine Boy        
10. Traveling Mama Blues - Joe Calicott        
11. Leavin' Here Blues - William Harris        
12. Got The Blues About Rome - Otto Virgial        
13. Young Heifer Blues - Mose Andrews        
14. Skippy Whippy - Mississippi Jook Band        
15. Yellow Dog Blues - Sam Collins        
16. You Can't Keep No Brown - Sam Butler        
17. Tallahatchie River Blues - Mattie Delaney        
18. Stered Gal - Mississippi Bracey        
19. Motherless And Fatherless Blues - Mississippi Mudder        
20. Don't Misuse Me, Baby - Willie '61' Blackwell        
21. I'm Gonna Train My Baby - Robert Lockwood        
22. Out On Santa Fe Blues - Arthur Petties        
23. It's Hard Times - Joe Stone        
24. Your Good Man Is Gone - Freddie Spruell        
25. Cold Woman Blues - Blind Joe Reynolds        

Disc: 4    
1. Clarksdale Moan - Son House        
2. Adam And Eve In The Garden - Bogus Ben Covington        
3. Lonesome Man Blues - George Torey        
4. Leaving Home Blues - Walter Rhodes        
5. Loving Lady Blues - Sam Collins        
6. Early Mornin' Blues - William Harris        
7. Number Three Blues - Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins        
8. Tell Me Baby - King Solomon Hill        
9. Little Boy Blue - Robert Lockwood        
10. Cottonfield Blues Part 2 - Garfield Akers        
11. Chalk My Toy - Willie '61' Blackwell        
12. Barbecue Bust - Mississippi Jook Band        
13. Two Time Blues - Arthur Petties        
14. Back Door Blues - Joe Stone        
15. Way Back Down Home - Freddie Spruell        
16. Skinny Leg Blues - Geeshie Wiley        
17. Meat Cutter Blues - Joe McCoy        
18. Mississippi Moan - Mississippi Moaner        
19. Married Man Blues - Blind Willie Reynolds        
20. Jefferson County Blues - Sam Butler        
21. Rampaw Street Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell        
22. I'll Overcome Someday - Mississippi Bracey        
23. Good Boy Blues - Arthur Petties        
24. Grand Daddy Blues - Jelly Jaw Short        
25. Let's Go Riding - Freddie Spruell    

Online Johnm

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Re: JSP Boxed Sets--Blind Lemon & Others
« Reply #59 on: March 30, 2007, 09:48:04 PM »
Hi all,
Whew, that is some track list!  I'm curious, though--does anyone actually think that Sam Butler (BoWeavil Jackson) was from Mississippi, or that George Torey was?  I thought Butler was thought to be from Alabama, and that Torey's origins were unknown, though I believe his two sides were recorded in Birmingham. 
All best,


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