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Author Topic: Weenie Campbell YouTube Channel Guidelines  (Read 377 times)

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Weenie Campbell YouTube Channel Guidelines
« on: November 08, 2023, 11:05:05 AM »

Send a Personal Message to Blues Vintage or banjochris if you want to submit material for the Weenie Campbell Youtube Channel.
We’ll judge the entry in collaboration with the other moderators.

Small file sizes can be sent directly to our emails. For large file sizes we use WeTransfer.

All conceivable blues-related material is welcome. Audio or video. Official or bootleg.
Acoustic blues will be the main interest but (traditional) electric blues is allowed. Stay clear of aggressive blues-rock.

We preferably seek the type of rare stuff that’s not up on YouTube already (but not an absolute requirement).
Exception on this is if what's up on YouTube is incomplete, bad quality or if the video you want to post is part of a long video with multiple segments.

We’re aiming to post all content from a particular subject consecutively, so if you want to have something posted from a record, concert, documentary etc. send everything you want posted first and then move on to the next project. In this way we won’t mix up uploads all over the place. If you want a complete recording/concert posted we prefer to cut the songs in separate videos. So please send separate tracks if possible.

When it comes to video, submit a high resolution photo in connection with the recording. It can be an album cover or just a photo of the artist/subject in question. Pick a photo without watermarks or anything added. If an appropriate photo is not provided, a Weenie moderator will choose an appropriate one. Copyright on the photos won’t cause much problems. Still, if anyone asks us to take down a video because of the content itself or the photos we’ll do that immediately.
Submit the best mp3 bitrate (320) if possible. Or even better, FLAC or WAV files.
YouTube sound quality is compressed anyway, but we have to have a good quality source to use in making the videos.

For performance videos, also submit the best resolution you have.
We'd like to keep videos and edits looking professional. Try to frame the video in a neat starting and ending point. Fade in and outs can help with that.
If you’re not sure on how to cut in a video (without quality loss) just send the complete video and note the section you want posted. We’ll have software to cut VOB files and other video files without quality loss. Even if it’s not an original HD Video we’ll convert it to HD because the YouTube uploading process system will make the quality outcome (video and audio) look/sound worse in most cases when it detects an SD video. It has the best chance of a good quality final video in this way.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Blues Vintage or banjochris.

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