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I hope this is the right place for this question.

My computer skills are pretty much limited to turning the thing on and off, and grinding my teeth over the complications that the latest Upgrade has induced into my life.  It may be that this question has been answered a dozen times here, but I canít seem to find anything.

Iím getting up in years, and it occurred to me that I ought to have a record of the stuff I can play now.  It might not be all that great, but it wonít be improved by the rheumatism and absent-mindedness that might come with old age.

So one night I set up my trusty iPad to frame myself in my guitar-playing chair and did a tune.  Playing the video back resulted in a satisfactory visual, but the sound seemed to be coming from the other end of the house.  Any decent sound level required me to sit so close to the tablet that only one hand would show.

In the Good Old Days, I attached my Shure crystal microphone to my Voice Of Music tape recorder and got a listenable audio on the 7Ē tape reel.  I figured that a wireless mike in my shirt pocket synched up to the iPad might serve the same purpose, and get the video I wanted as a bonus, so I went to the Apple store to inquire if they had anything.  Short answer, NO.  They had two microphones, both of which plugged directly into phones or pads.  The lady said I couldnít use a cable to get either of them close to me, and would not speculate as to whether they would be any better than the mike already in the iPad.  They had no wireless mikes, and she suggested Best Buy.

So I went home and searched the Net.  A ďTen Best Products For Home RecordingĒ site went over some wireless setups compatible with iPhones and iPads.  The two that seemed most likely to work were the Fulaim MX-20 and the Viewflex Conica CVMWS60.  They both looked pretty elaborate, though, with lots of extra stuff to set up and get working.

As mentioned, Iím not a computer person, and I already have enough stuff that I either canít get to work or had to endure a half-day of head-banger music On Hold, waiting for the right Apple technician who could understand my poorly expressed problem and whose verbal responses were elementary enough so I could understand him, and who could also solve the problem du jour.  Iíd like to make some videos, but Iíd rather not buy into any more of that.

Is there anything that can just be turned on and used in conjunction with an iPad 20 feet away, that doesnít need a technician to set up?  Do either of the above wireless mikes work well and easily?  I donít  necessarily need ďstudio-gradeĒ recording, but I would hope it would sound as good or better than my old tape recorder.

Iíd appreciate any advice or experiences from anyone here.  Thanks much in advance.

Prof Scratchy:
Why does your iPad need to be twenty feet away? Using a plug in mic it could sit a couple of feet away from where youíre playing, couldnít it?

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I canít fit into the camera field with the thing close enough for recording.  Maybe a shorter distance would work; I guessed 20 feet as maximum.  Anyway, the microphones at the Apple store would not work with a cord, according to the salesgirl.

Thereís a cable mike on another section that might work.  It plugs into the USB port.  I couldnít leave the tablet on charge while recording, which might give me a battery time limit, but it might work.

I just thought that wireless would somehow be simpler.

I'm not an Apple user, but I looked around a little and it seems that there might be a powered USB hub option that would both charge an iPad and power a mike while it's charging. (I don't know whether or not the people at the Apple Store and Best Buy you spoke with had a wide knowledge of aftermarket and third party products and apps. Their knowledge might have been limited to what they sell.)

One person at one of the sites I stumbled upon was posting about problems recording a podcast. S/he needed a good wired mike and also enough battery life to get through the entire podcast without it crapping out. You might check the boards. I ran across it searching for "charge ipad through usb hub while recording." You could try it and its variants.

Here's a couple of links that came up. Like I said, I'm not an Apple user, but it's always possible they might help:

In a lot of ways I long for the good old days as well. Maybe it's just the idealized concept of the past on my part, but advances in tech are supposed to make things simpler and easier, not more complicated and difficult.


--- Quote from: Prof Scratchy on September 08, 2019, 11:03:35 AM ---Why does your iPad need to be twenty feet away? Using a plug in mic it could sit a couple of feet away from where youíre playing, couldnít it?

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--- End quote ---

Unless they've come up with something new alot of the better plug and play use the power connector could be one reason. Apple dropped the headphone jack on ipad in 2018 and keeps on revising their connectors.  There's no guarantee also that the mic is going to work with an apple system upgrade.


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