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New book released: "East Coast Fingerstyle Blues"

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Some great tunes there, John.  I would just add if there's anyone on this board who hasn't availed themselves of John's instruction, you should try it.  I don't know of anyone else who can drill down into the details of this music *and* has the gift for teaching it like John does.

Old Man Ned:
I've just downloaded this book and would thoroughly recommend it. If, like me, you are really into the East Coast guitar players, this book really is a must. I've had half baked arrangements to some of these tunes so it's really good to get the finer detail on them.

Thanks John,
All the best Ned

Thanks, Gordon, Harry, Eric and Laurence for good words and encouragement on the book.  I'm hoping that the pretty detailed playing tips that precede each transcription in the book will go a long way towards clarifying fingerings in the left hand and also preparation in the left hand, two important aspects of putting a song together which neither TAB nor standard notation alone is able to communicate.  Both notational systems make it look as though each note just sort of magically arrives at the rhythmic point at which the song calls for it, but if you played that way, you would always be late in the left hand.  Preparation in the left hand is what makes playing the pieces possible.  And of course, listening to the original recordings a lot is essential.  Good luck with the songs! 
All best,


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