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Uncle Hazbin:

I just purchased a download on The Rough Guide to Blind Blake, which comes with an additional 24 tracks from an out of print Rough Guide to Ragtime Blues & Hokum. Sadly, none of the artists are credited.

I recognize a number of the artists, but I was wondering if anyone has a track list for that record.

It is no longer listed on the labels website, nor can I turn up any info using any search terms I can think of.


I'm sure I can suss out the credits with time -- I already recognize some -- but I'd rather not spend that much time if there is a better way. Check out the screen shot.

Ain't that always the way?


26 I'm assuming Georgia Rag by Blind Willie McTell
27 Probably Walter Coleman
28 Either Luke Jordan (African-American) or Dick Justice (white), should be easy to tell
29 William Moore
30 Famous Hokum Boys (Big Bill, Georgia Tom)
31 Charlie Patton
32 Banjo Joe & Blind Blake (Gus Cannon)
33 Tim Wilkins (Robert Wilkins)
34 Willie Walker
35 Probably Allen Brothers
36 Buddy Boy Hawkins
37 Probably Will Ezell (piano I'm assuming?)
38 Papa Charlie Jackson
39 Blind Blake
40 Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley
41 Robert Johnson
42 ?
43 Dallas String Band
44 Bo Carter
45 Blind Gary (Rev. Gary Davis)
46 William Harris
47 Can't remember
48 Mississippi John Hurt
49 Blind Lemon Jefferson

I think the "Adam And Eve In The Garden" might be Tommie Bradley and James Cole.
All best,

Thanks, John, I'm sure you're right ? I was going from memory and couldn't come up with that one.

Discogs has the bonus tracks listed on the main listing for the Blind Blake release:

   Bonus CD: The Rough Guide To Ragtime Blues & Hokum
2-1   ?Blind Willie McTell   Georgia Rag   
2-2   ?Blind Boy Fuller   Mama Let Me Lay It On You   
2-3   ?Luke Jordan   Cocaine Blues   
2-4   ?William Moore (2)   Ragtime Millionaire   
2-5   ?Big Bill Broonzy   Hokum Stomp   
2-6   ?Charley Patton   Hang It On The Wall   
2-7   ?Banjo Joe   My Money Never Runs Out   
2-8   ?Robert Wilkins   Old Jim Canan's   
2-9   ?Willie Walker (2)   South Carolina Rag (Take 2)   
2-10   ?The Allen Brothers   Bow Wow Blues   
2-11   ?Buddy Boy Hawkins   How Come Mama Blues   
2-12   ?Will Ezel*   West Coast Rag   
2-13   ?Papa Charlie Jackson   Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine   
2-14   ?Bayless Rose   Black Dog Blues   
2-15   ?Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley   Papa's 'Bout To Get Mad   
2-16   ?Robert Johnson   They're Red Hot   
2-17   ?Bessie Smith   Nobody Knows When You're Down And Out   
2-18   ?Dallas String Band With Coley Jones   Hokum Blues   
2-19   ?Bo Carter   She's Your Cook, But She Burns My Bread Sometimes   
2-20   ?Reverend Gary Davis*   Lord I Wish I Could See   
2-21   ?William Harris (2)   Hot Time Blues   
2-22   ?Bogus Ben Covington   Adam And Eve In The Garden   
2-23   ?Mississippi John Hurt   Candy Man Blues   
2-24   ?Blind Lemon Jefferson   Beggin' Back


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