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I saw Johnny Shines with Robert Lockwood in London many years ago - a two night stint. At the end of the second night, some fool in the audience shouts, "Johnny Shines, you are a sexist!" Shines says, "What?" Guy repeats it. Shines says, "Texas? I don't know nothing about Texas." Collapse of interlocutor - Johnny Shines, by Chris Smith on prewarblues list, Bunker Hill, also present, dates it Sunday 28th October 1979

Author Topic: Joe Bussard - Live video feed from Joe's basement during Radio Bristol Broadcast  (Read 263 times)

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Thought some of you would enjoy this. Radio Bristol did a show from Joe Bussard's basement and live video cast it to Facebook. If you've never been in Joe's basement this will give you a little taste. And if you've ever considered visiting Joe you shouldn't hesitate to reach out to him, he's always glad to have visitors. I recommend taking him to the casino afterwards to see a whole nother side of him.
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