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Today's security updates


Hi everyone. We implemented a high level of security today on the site. This protects your password entry and general privacy. It also keeps us compatible with new versions of browsers that are increasingly closing the door on accessing sites without the features we've implemented.

As we expected we had a few issues getting it going and have resolved most of them. The one that we couldn't fix on the fly was the User Info panel at the top of the left block. We decided to turn it off while we develop a replacement for it.

I'll put a temporary link up there to let you read Recent Unread Topics which was the main function we all use on a regular basis. If you want to log out there is a button at the far right of the top menu bar. If you do log out you can log back in again; another login panel will appears top left for logged-out users along the top banner of the forum.

Apologies for the temporary inconvenience. If you experience any other problems with the forum please post here and we'll get right on it.



OK, the Member Info panel is now fixed.  The remaining problems are now minor, I think.  For example, if your Avatar has disappeared, let me know and I'll fix it for you.


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