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Well I had started that about the age of twelve... see my mother had a guitar, my father made her a present of a guitar, and he taught her a few chords, but I first started on a little outfit I made with a cigar box... I made a guitar with a cigar box, had peg keys, bored holes in the head, and I had uh... the strings graduated from fishing twine down on to thread - Johnny St. Cyr, guitarist for the Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers in an interview with Alan Lomax on how he learned to play guitar

Author Topic: FREE copy of Say No to the Devil: The Life and Musical Genius of Rev. Gary Davis  (Read 683 times)

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FREE copy of "Say No to the Devil: The Life and Musical Genius of Rev. Gary Davis" e-book!

University of Chicago Press's free e-book of the month:

He was one of the great blues guitarists and shaped the blues and folk revivals. Bob Dylan called him ?one of the wizards of modern music.? This influential, but underappreciated, musician is the subject of our free e-book, Say No to the Devil: The Life and Musical Genius of Rev. Gary Davis by Ian Zack. Also see a list of the students of Rev. Gary Davis, with many links to his and their recordings.

?Finally, the biography that Rev. Davis deserves.? Like John Coltrane, George Gershwin, Jimi Hendrix, and the rest of the very few, Davis?s genius was unique and uncompromising. How he was able to take gospel and blues and create a style that was so unique and so powerful is a story that had to be told.? With this biography, Davis can finally take his place in the pantheon of the greatest of American musicians.??Steve Katz, cofounder of Blood, Sweat & Tears

Get Say No to the Devil, free in November:

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