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The words was the hardest thing to get and make 'em stick. Sometimes you'd sit down at night and write two or three songs, but they had the same tune to mostly all. All the blues pretty near sound alike unless you got a rare voice and put turns and trills in it - Thomas A. "Georgia Tom" Dorsey interviewed by Jim O'Neal and Amy van Singel, The Voice Of The Blues

Author Topic: Willie Ford--"Payday"  (Read 303 times)

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Willie Ford--"Payday"
« on: November 25, 2016, 12:58:42 PM »
Hi all,
I recently posted this song over on the "Country Blues Related Video" thread, but thought it deserved having its lyrics transcribed and more special attention.  Willie Ford was field-recorded in Natchez, Mississippi, most often in a duo setting with Lucious Curtis.  Willie Ford's version of "Payday" is a solo performance, though.  He played "Payday" in Vestapol tuning, as did John Hurt, but Willie Ford's version is a good bit rougher than John Hurt's.  Willie Ford also, most often, has his guitar "sing" the third line of each verse.  Here Willie Ford's version of "Payday": 


Lord, payday, Lord, payday
And I'm gwine home to Mama, payday

SOLO (with humming)

And it's payday here, and it's payday everywhere
Women all get happy, payday
(Guitar plays line)
Women all get happy, payday

And the rabbit on the log, and I ain't got no dog
I'm gon' shoot him with my pistol, by George
(Guitar plays line)
I'm gonna shoot him with my pistol, by George

And she caught me by my hand, and she led me to the door
"Can't be my honey no more."
(Guitar plays line)
"Can't be my honey no more."


-- is on my back, and the bloodhounds on my track
I"m gon' make it through the world, if I can
(Guitar plays line)
Lord, payday, and the women all get happy, payday

Hey, hey, hey, Liza, take down your sign
Can't be no gal of mine
(Guitar finishes verse)

--day, Lord, payday
And I'm gwine home to Mama, payday

All best,


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