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Upstroke is the way I learned it though. That's the way you're supposed to go with a mandolin. After I got my hands stiff I have to play it down. I can't play that quiver like I used to. You can play that quiver better with an upstroke. Upstroke is a better sound to me. Sure is. - Yank Rachell, Blues Mandolin Man

Author Topic: Paramount walking tour : Village of Grafton, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin  (Read 474 times)

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I was on the site the other day and noticed something new since my last visit, a reference to a Paramount Records walking tour guide. I'm a sucker for those so reached out to Angela M (who it seems has posted on WC in the past) and she sent me a link to a digital version. It's a bit small (though zooming in on your browser page solves that) but looks great and makes me want to take a trip to Grafton for a walk about.

I did a search on the forum and it doesn't seem anyone's mentioned it before so thought I'd share.
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