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Author Topic: >>> 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 <<<  (Read 2271 times)

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Offline davet

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Re: >>> 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 <<<
« Reply #60 on: April 23, 2017, 11:28:11 AM »
Just got back from my first euroweenie.
It was great to meet some fellow weenies. 
I guess I need to learn some banjo for next year.

Thanks for setting it up Richard and I really appreciated the girl with every port.    :)

Offline blueshome

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Re: >>> 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 <<<
« Reply #61 on: April 24, 2017, 12:54:52 PM »
For those who are interested here is this year's Euroweenie Quiz. Champ was Professor Scratchy with 12.5 points followed by Richard on 6.5. no reference books allowed.

Amos Easton recorded in the 30?s and the 50?s. What was his nom de disque?

2. Who made the 1st recording of Come Back Baby?

3. Name 3 songs by Leroy Carr.

4. Gus Cannon?s Jug Stompers had one of the greatest harp players, who was he?

5. Black Angela Blues and the song under similar titles has been recorded by many artists including BB King. Who made the 1st recording in December 1930?

6. Who 1st recorded Bullfrog Blues?

7. R.Petway?s most famous recording is a 1 chord piece. Name 3 artists who have recorded this since (not necessarily under the same title). There will be 5 bonus points if a certain 50?s recording is named. 5 points will be subtracted if a certain later recording is nominated - beware!

8. Name 1 member of the Shreveport Homewreckers.

9. How many versions of Kansas City Blues did Jim Jackson record (+/-1)

10. This singer recorded form the 30?s to the 60?s. One of his noms de bisque was Pinewood Tom?

11.   Which bluesman recorded an album for Blue Goose records called ?Fast & Funky??
12.    Blind Willie Harris? 1930 recording ?Never Drive a Stranger from your Door? is a reworking of which popular song?
13.   Which record company did most of its recordings in a furniture factory in Grafton, Wisconsin?
14.  Robert Johnson most likely stole his song ?32-20? from which other bluesman who recorded it earlier under a slightly different title?

Phil T & Mike P

Offline Prof Scratchy

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Re: &gt;&gt;&gt; 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 &lt;&lt;&lt;
« Reply #62 on: April 25, 2017, 01:03:24 AM »
12.5 would've been good, but only got 11! Some very good playing and singing this year from all concerned.

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Offline Mike Shipman

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Re: >>> 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 <<<
« Reply #63 on: April 25, 2017, 02:44:58 AM »
Once again I had the lowest score, Zero! Consistency is important I think.
Although there might have been a sinle point as I was answering Skip James to everything and cant recall if I got one (flukey) point?
Very enjoyable weekend great to see everyone, lots of laughs, good music and good food! Shame I left my smart shirt in the wardrobe(doh!), it didnt even get worn🙁
Same time next year Richard?
Mike Shipman
New Forest - Hampshire, UK.

Offline Richard

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Re: >>> 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 <<<
« Reply #64 on: April 25, 2017, 08:02:25 AM »
I agree entirely Mike, it really wouldn't be the same unless you were the bottomless barometer upon which we depend to measure our quizzing performance, an excellent idea to offer Skip James as the answer to everything, just a pity it was wrong  but, there's always next year  :)   
Talking of which I am waiting to hear if they will have us there again and what dates are available, so watch this space.

Thanks to everyone who appeared, particularly those new to the big event, I know it is a distance but I hope it was worth it. Further thanks to those who gave us the mimi-masterclass' and almost finally, congratulations to Bob-a-Long for getting engaged  8)

I know PP was taking pics like his box Brownie was going out of fashion so maybe he will post a little taster for those who wisely missed the great event, a shot of Stuart's amazing footwear mit bells could be an inspiration to all who crave a new fashion  :-X

I will post the 2018 dates once confirmed.
(That's enough of that. Ed)

Offline Parlor Picker

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Re: >>> 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 <<<
« Reply #65 on: April 26, 2017, 03:45:00 AM »
Photos of event now posted. It's a laborious process, making 'em all smaller, etc, but I got there in the end. Most taken without flash in the fairly dark room (sorry the "Library" - there were a few books on one shelf), so some have taken on the atmosphere of a Dutch master...
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So glad good looks don't take you through this world."
Barbecue Bob

Offline Mike Shipman

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Re: >>> 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 <<<
« Reply #66 on: April 26, 2017, 11:16:20 PM »
Some good pics there PP (Parlor Polaroid... see what I did there!?, yeah?), I took some too with my phone so that your attendance would not go un documented but the indoor ones are a bit indistinct and they all need to be resized to be acceptable for uploading, not an inconsequential task for this Luddite! I will give it a go when I get some time and energy.
Best go off to stroke the herd of banjoes, they are still unhappy that one of them didnt get to Webbington.
Mike Shipman
New Forest - Hampshire, UK.

Offline bob long

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Re: >>> 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 <<<
« Reply #67 on: April 27, 2017, 02:35:45 AM »
Fun weekend....good music, good company and thanks, PP for the photos!

Offline Slack

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Re: >>> 2017 Euroweenie 21-22 April 2017 <<<
« Reply #68 on: April 27, 2017, 06:17:15 PM »
Good pics Michael!  here is a link in case some newbie is wondering what you are talking about.;cat=49


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