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The blues is not a plaything like some people think they are. Like youngsters today, right now they take anything and make the blues out of it. Just any little ol junk something or other and say this is the such and such a blues. NO IT'S NOT. Ain't but ONE kind of blues, and that consists between male and female what's in love. In love. Male and Female - Son House

Author Topic: Frank Evans--"Red River Blues"  (Read 622 times)

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Frank Evans--"Red River Blues"
« on: September 04, 2015, 06:35:57 PM »
Hi all,
As far as I know, Frank Evans only had two titles, both recorded by Alan Lomax on field recording trips.  Evans' "French Blues" has already been discussed on the "What Is This Musician Doing?" thread, but he also did a really nice version of "Red River Blues".  Frank Evans' version is an 8-bar blues played out of E position in standard tuning, with lots of nice instrumental touches.  Evans is joined by his own personal cheering section for his performance, and they're almost like a comedy team, with him definitely playing the straight man.  This is one of those Lomax recordings that fades in and fades out, and such recordings are always tantalizing.  Frank Evans sounds like he could have kept singing fresh verses some time into the next century.  Here is his version of "Red River Blues":


I've got the Red River Blues, and I'll sing 'em everywhere I go
I've got the Red River Blues and I sing 'em everywhere I go

Tell me, tell me, what in the world you got on your mind
Whyn't you tell me, kind Becky, what you got on your mind (Spoken:  Lord, play it Mr. Frank Evans)

I'd rather be, Mississippi River, just floating like a log
Than the girl I love to treat me like I'm a dog (Spoken: Play it, boogieman, for me one time)

I'm gwine, sayin' I'm gwine, and your cryin' won't make me stay
And the more you cry, baby, the further you gwonna drive me away (Spoken: Aw, shucks!)

Tell me her color, and I'll tell you what road she's on
Whyn't you tell me her color and I'll tell you what road she's on (Spoken:  Oooo, I gave that pill)

Just how long, how long, I've got to wait?
How long, sweet mama, do you think I've got to wait?

I don't love nobody, Mama, in this right-down world but you
And it seem like to me, baby, you could come to love me, too (Spoken: Lord, I got the blues!)

Got blues, I got the blues, and I'll sing 'em everywhere I go
I got the Red River Blues and I'll sing 'em everywhere I go (Spoken: You ain't thought about these old penitentiary blues yet.)

Come here, sweet mama, whyn't you set down on my knee
And I just wants to tell you, baby, how you mistreated me (Spoken: Aw, tell 'em about it!)

Now you treat me like a man you ain't never seen
Aw, you treat me like, baby, a man you ain't never seen (Spoken: Whoo, play it!)

Tell me, tell me, baby, what you got on your mind
Whyn't you tell me, baby, what you got on your mind (Spoken: We gonna juke it there directly!)

I"m goin' to Florida (guitar finishes verse)


If I leave here runnin', sweet mama, don't you follow me
If I leave here runnin', baby, don't you follow me (Spoken: You can leave runnin', but I'm comin', walkin')

Just pack up your suitcase and walk down to Tennessee
Pack up your suitcase, mama, says, walk down to Tennessee

All best,


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Re: Frank Evans--"Red River Blues"
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2015, 06:50:02 PM »
Really great, love the feedback from the 'audience'.

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