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Author Topic: "Frankie and Albert"--Jewell Long  (Read 647 times)

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"Frankie and Albert"--Jewell Long
« on: November 04, 2014, 06:52:50 PM »
Hi all,
I just found this version of "Frankie and Albert" on youtube.  The little information I could find on Jewell Long said he was from Texas and that this track was recorded in 1960 (!?).  I'd appreciate any additional information on him.  He backs himself out of C position here, and despite relegating the guitar to a strict accompaniment role has a really nice snap to his rhythm that keeps the song moving ahead beautifully.

With songs like "Frank and Albert", that so many musicians performed, I find myself judging the lyric content of a version on its handling of details and inclusion of novel touches.  On that grading system, Jewell Long must be rated very highly, indeed.  This is a wonderfully rich telling of the tale and has a lot of touches I've never encountered elsewhere.  Here is his rendition:

Frankie was a good woman, everybody knows
Frankie paid forty dollars just to buy Albert a suit of clothes
Because he was her man, he been doin' her wrong

And then Frankie goes to a saloon
She asks for a bottle of beer
Frankie asks the bartender, "Is my lovin' Albert been here?
He's my man."  "He's been doin' you wrong."

Then the bartender told Frankie,
"Woman, I ain't gon' tell you no lies.
Your man Albert just left here with a woman named Alice Prye.
That's your man, he's doin' you wrong."

And then Frankie she goes home
Frankie didn't go for fun
Because underneath her gingham apron was concealed of a .41
She gonna kill her man, he'd been doin' her wrong

And then Frankie go down to Albert's house
She find Albert in Alice's bed
Frankie picked up an Allen lamp and she throwed it at Albert's head
She said, "You my man, you doin' me wrong."

And then Frankie shot at Albert
Albert attempt to run
She said, "Come back, man, the woman you love gonna shoot this .41.
'Cause you my man, you been doin' me wrong."

And then Frankie shot old Albert,
Stumbled to his knees
He said, "You come and get a policeman, don't you let this woman kill me.
I'm her man, I been doin' her wrong."

Then old Frankie, she was arrested
Taken to a county jail
They couldn't get nobody, go poor Frankie's bail
She killed her man, because he done her wrong

And then Frankie she goes home
Hollerin' whoopin' and cryin'
Cryin', Oh, Miss Johnson, you know my man Albert's dyin'.
He's my man, he been doin' me wrong."

And the judge then tried Frankie
Just as the trial begun
She said, "You listen here, Mr. Judge, this the crime that I done done,
I just kill my man, because he's done me wrong."

Then the judge then tried Frankie
Settin' under electric fan
He said, "You get up and you go ahead, woman, you can kill you another man,
And if they do you wrong, as if they do you wrong."

And then Frankie goes to the graveyard
She had the sheriff right by her side
Frankie pulled back the curtain, she fell on her knees and she cried,
"You my man, you been doin' me wrong."

And Miss Johnson then told Frankie,
"I ain't gon' forgive you, not.
You done killed my son Albert, he was the only support I got.
He was my son, my only one."

"Now it's bottle, Newport Wine
Bottle of Holland Gin
Yond' stand old Frankie, book her, gettin' drunk again,
She done killed her man, she gonna kill her another'n

SPOKEN:  How's the end of that?

All best,
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Re: "Frankie and Albert"--Jewell Long
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2014, 10:26:31 PM »
Jewell Long (v/p/g) (b. Sealy, Austin County, June 30, 1908, died University of Texas Medical Branch Hospital, Galveston, April 17, 1975). Son of Robert S. Long, Jr. and Martha Mathina, brother of Huey Long. Buried San Felipe Cemetery, Del Rio.

V/p/g -1.
Sealy, Tx, 13 August 1960

Frankie and Albert VJM(E) VEP 4
My Pony Run Blues -1 VJM(E) VEP 4
Sealy Rag -1 VJM(E) VEP 4
Muddy Shoes Blues VJM(E) VEP 4
untitled piano blues unissued
Ella Speed -1 unissued

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Re: "Frankie and Albert"--Jewell Long
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2014, 10:47:46 PM »
Thanks very much for the information on Jewell Long, Bunker Hill.  It's nice to have a sense of who he was fleshed out a bit.  I wonder if he did any performing in the '60s and '70s.  He's a new name to me.
All best,

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