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...This is sincere! - Sally Dotson, Black Ghost Blues

Results for SOTM
Subject Started by Replies Views
Hesitation / Hesitating BluesPan296226
January, 2019 Song of the Month: "Cow Cow Blues"--Cow Cow DavenportJohnm8502
July, 2019 Song of the Month: "Pony Blues"Johnm14462
sitting and thinking: Song of the momentfrankie211159
Song Of The Moment: the schedule for 2015frankie355784
Song of the Month - Walking Bluesislandgal4501
Song of the Month January 31, 2017, "Prison Bound Blues"Johnm10875
Song of the Month Schedule for 2019Rivers231924
Song of the Month, January, 2018: Milk Cow BluesJohnm211076
Song of the Month, October 2017, "Shake 'Em On Down"Johnm22935
Song of the Month: 2017 ScheduleJohnm272846
Song Of The Month: 2016 Schedulefrankie293708
Song of the Month: Complete Listbanjochris81738
SOTM November 2016, Trouble in MindPan251550
SOTM - August 2017 Motherless Children Have a Hard TimeDavid Kaatz13582
SOTM - Dec. 18, 2015 - Sittin' on Top of the Worldwaxwing291732
SOTM - FAQ (frequently asked questions)Rivers01198
SOTM - February 26, 2016 - Ground Hog Bluesharry12643
SOTM - January 29, 2016 - "Red River Blues"Johnm151546
SOTM - June 2018 - "No More Cane on the Brazos"Norfolk Slim29994
SOTM - March 2017 - Frankie and JohnnyTenBrook271204
SOTM - March 25, 2016 - "Sloppy Drunk Blues"banjochris10695
SOTM - May 2016 - Gallows PoleNorfolk Slim6632
SOTM - May 2018 - 'Alabama Bound'TenBrook201057
SOTM - May 2019 (In The Evening) When The Sun Goes Downjoe paul4335
SOTM - May 24, 2015 - Pal of Mine - Blind Willie McTellonewent311773
SOTM - Nov 6, 2015 - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/You Can't Get InLastfirstface141102
SOTM - Nov. 21, 2015 - Looking for the Bully of the TownSuzy T181177
SOTM - November: One Dime BluesPan16836
SOTM - September 30 - Corinne, Corinnauncle bud10862
SOTM - Song Of The MonthRivers01576
SOTM 01April2019 Big Road BluesOld Man Ned8482
SOTM 01DEC2017 SpoonfulOld Man Ned9443
SOTM 01MAY2017 Shake That ThingOld Man Ned11552
SOTM 04APRIL2018 How Long - How Long BluesOld Man Ned26862
SOTM 04DEC2015 When the SaintsOld Man Ned16943
SOTM 09OCT2015 Crow JaneOld Man Ned15997
SOTM 14 August 2015: Roll and Tumbleharriet342094
SOTM 17-July-2015: The Venerable Palletfrankie191587
SOTM 2017 June - Baby Please Don't GoRivers381728
SOTM 2017 September - Travelling ManNorfolk Slim22862
SOTM 23-Oct-2015: Come Back Babyfrankie171276
SOTM 24 June 2016 Salty DogOld Man Ned201102
SOTM 25 September: Bottle It Up/Step It Up And GoPan452978
SOTM 26 August 2016 Dupree BluesProf Scratchy9696
SOTM 3 July 2015: In the Jailhouse NowNorfolk Slim171518
SOTM 31 July 2015: Diamond Joeuncle bud111173
SOTM 8-May-2015: The Greyhound Bus Stationfrankie381941
SOTM ? June 2019 ? Someday Baby / Worried Life BluesDavidCrosbie4338
SOTM April 2016: Buck Dancefrankie261340
SOTM April 2017: Careless Loveeric13554
SOTM Aug 7: Tippin' Out/Ha-Ha BluesLastfirstface1399
SOTM August 2018 - The DozensProf Scratchy19753
SOTM December 2018 Hey Lordy Mama / Meet Me In The BottomRivers471766
SOTM December 30, 2016 Stack O' LeeScottN151052
SOTM February 2017 CC RiderProf Scratchy291476
SOTM February 2018 Louise Louise BluesProf Scratchy7508
SOTM February 2019 - Sweet Black AngelProf Scratchy3399
SOTM July 18 - 44 BluesThomas89526
SOTM July 2017 - Skin Game Bluesbanjochris12648
SOTM June 19th - Red Cross StoreProf Scratchy673045
SOTM March 2019 - Kansas City BluesNorfolk Slim10566
SOTM November 2017: Take Me Back (Babe)/Beggin' BackPan15932
SOTM October 2018 Mama Don't Tear My ClothesLignite12670
SOTM September 2018 T'aint Nobody's Business if I DoOld Man Ned7540
SOTM September 2019 - Mama Don't AllowRivers16468
SOTM _ Mean ol' Frisco , its antecedents and decendantsMr.OMuck17996
SOTM--6-June, 2015--"I Got Mine"GhostRider271670
SOTM: Oct 28 - You Got To Moveharriet12633
SOTM: "Nobody Knows You"joebanjo191298
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