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I'm happier than a hand in a barrel of tits! - Sam Mitchell, expressing his feelings about the PTCBW experience

Results for SOTM
Subject Started by Replies Views
Hesitation / Hesitating BluesPan297159
sitting and thinking: Song of the momentfrankie211469
Song Of The Moment: the schedule for 2015frankie3514262
Song of the Month Schedule for 2019Rivers3111135
Song of the Month: 2017 ScheduleJohnm279287
Song Of The Month: 2016 Schedulefrankie299994
Song of the Month: Complete Listbanjochris84340
SOTM June 2019 Someday Baby / Worried Life BluesDavidCrosbie51025
SOTM November 2016, Trouble in MindPan262440
SOTM - August 2017 Motherless Children Have a Hard TimeDavid Kaatz131043
SOTM - Dec. 18, 2015 - Sittin' on Top of the Worldwaxwing292363
SOTM - FAQ (frequently asked questions)Rivers03532
SOTM - February 26, 2016 - Ground Hog BluesHarry12872
SOTM - January 29, 2016 - "Red River Blues"Johnm162549
SOTM - June 2018 - "No More Cane on the Brazos"Norfolk Slim291543
SOTM - March 2017 - Frankie and JohnnyTenBrook271615
SOTM - March 25, 2016 - "Sloppy Drunk Blues"banjochris101039
SOTM - May 2016 - Gallows PoleNorfolk Slim6905
SOTM - May 2018 - 'Alabama Bound'TenBrook201552
SOTM - May 2019 (In The Evening) When The Sun Goes Downjoe paul4683
SOTM - May 24, 2015 - Pal of Mine - Blind Willie McTellonewent312237
SOTM - Nov 6, 2015 - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/You Can't Get InLastfirstface141496
SOTM - Nov. 21, 2015 - Looking for the Bully of the TownSuzy T181620
SOTM - November: One Dime BluesPan161251
SOTM - September 30 - Corinne, Corinnauncle bud101258
SOTM - Song Of The MonthRivers05159
SOTM 01April2019 Big Road BluesOld Man Ned8734
SOTM 01AUG2019 Busy and You Can't Come InOld Man Ned9532
SOTM 01DEC2017 SpoonfulOld Man Ned9683
SOTM 01MAY2017 Shake That ThingOld Man Ned11893
SOTM 04APRIL2018 How Long - How Long BluesOld Man Ned261296
SOTM 04DEC2015 When the SaintsOld Man Ned191624
SOTM 09OCT2015 Crow JaneOld Man Ned151443
SOTM 14 August 2015: Roll and Tumbleharriet342869
SOTM 17-July-2015: The Venerable Palletfrankie192086
SOTM 2017 June - Baby Please Don't GoRivers382411
SOTM 2017 September - Travelling ManNorfolk Slim221291
SOTM 23-Oct-2015: Come Back Babyfrankie171664
SOTM 24 June 2016 Salty DogOld Man Ned201657
SOTM 25 September: Bottle It Up/Step It Up And GoPan453819
SOTM 26 August 2016 Dupree BluesProf Scratchy9979
SOTM 3 July 2015: In the Jailhouse NowNorfolk Slim172129
SOTM 31 July 2015: Diamond Joeuncle bud111780
SOTM 8-May-2015: The Greyhound Bus Stationfrankie382589
SOTM April 2016: Buck Dancefrankie261812
SOTM April 2017: Careless Loveeric14956
SOTM Aug 7: Tippin' Out/Ha-Ha BluesLastfirstface1702
SOTM August 2018 - The DozensProf Scratchy191215
SOTM December 2018 Hey Lordy Mama / Meet Me In The BottomRivers472403
SOTM December 2019, Catfish Blues4412144
SOTM December 30, 2016 Stack O' LeeScottN151494
SOTM February 2017 CC RiderProf Scratchy292373
SOTM February 2018 Louise Louise BluesProf Scratchy7743
SOTM February 2019 - Sweet Black AngelProf Scratchy3581
SOTM January 2018: Milk Cow BluesJohnm211675
SOTM January 2019: Cow Cow BluesJohnm8720
SOTM January 31, 2017, Prison Bound BluesJohnm101229
SOTM July 18 - 44 BluesThomas89833
SOTM July 2017 - Skin Game Bluesbanjochris121010
SOTM July 2019: Pony BluesJohnm171288
SOTM June 19th - Red Cross StoreProf Scratchy674089
SOTM March 2018 - Walking Bluesislandgal4766
SOTM March 2019 - Kansas City BluesNorfolk Slim10809
SOTM November 2017: Take Me Back (Babe)/Beggin' BackPan151502
SOTM October 2017, Shake 'Em On DownJohnm201532
SOTM October 2018 Mama Don't Tear My ClothesLignite131569
SOTM October 2019 - Truckin' My Blues Awayeric71117
SOTM September 2018 T'aint Nobody's Business if I DoOld Man Ned7962
SOTM September 2019 - Mama Don't AllowRivers161033
SOTM _ Mean ol' Frisco , its antecedents and decendantsMr.OMuck171398
SOTM--6-June, 2015--"I Got Mine"GhostRider272258
SOTM: Oct 28 - You Got To Moveharriet121053
SOTM: "Nobody Knows You"joebanjo191851
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