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No wise man ever wished to be younger - Jonathon Swift

Results for theory/analysis
Subject Started by Replies Views
"I Got Rhythm"--chord changes/structureRichard1013753
16-Bar BluesJohnm4915627
Adventures in EAEGBE tuninguncle bud399459
Adventures in VestapolJohnm7721280
Blues Forms and Vocal PhrasingJohnm8019004
Blues in "C' Scalekinsuk5785
Blues in Minor/With Minor ChordsGhostRider16042302
Bo Carter's Pop BluesJohnm23638
Charlie McCoy's "Last Time Blues"Johnm54792
Covering the Song, Not the ArrangementJohnm193099
Frank Stokes' Guitar Style--Queries and TipsPan6221194
Harmonic Complexity/Content in Country Blues--Where Did It Go?Johnm4310824
Harmony/Hearing Chord Changesblueshome3510419
Help with figuring something outGourd_441424
Henry ThomasJohnm3110604
Ishmon Bracey's LyricsJohnm9724380
Key To The Highway/8-Bar Blues7522511
Lil' Son Jackson LyricsSlack11621862
Looking for Great Blues songs that aren't 1-4-5Shambolic61174
Melody Taking the Bass for a Ride Johnm142235
Notable OmissionsJohnm5313269
One of a Kind--and GreatJohnm7516885
Peg Leg Howell--Positions/Tunings for his Pre-Rediscovery RecordingsJohnm32618
Rag Blues and Circle of 5thswaxwing6222481
Scale Structure and Blues Chord ProgressionsJohnm63337
Sylvester Weaver LyricsJohnm3115662
Talkin' 15-bar bluesMissouriTiger12806
Teddy Darby's LyricsJohnm6727595
Texas Alexander's Lyrics15442190
The Guitar of Snooks Eaglin--Queries and TipsJohnm1916903
The Wordless Voice--The Role of Instrumental Accompaniment in the BluesJohnm357936
Three Frets Up, and What You Find ThereJohnm203904
Thriving On A RiffJohnm144330
Transcription questioneric33060
Understanding the Left Hand in Open Tunings (all open tunings)Johnm3900
Unusual intervals in country bluesGmaj791659
Vocal Phrasing--The Long And The Short of ItJohnm8724454
Waltzes played by CB artists?Pan13220610
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