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uncle bud:
Hi all - For some reason, I just noticed that we don't have a sticky topic explaining in general the way that lyric transcriptions and requests are dealt with on Weenie, so better late than never.

Pretty simple: When asking for lyrics or help with lyrics, the best approach is to post what you have transcribed yourself first. Then other people can jump in and offer suggestions, corrections, references to other lyrics etc.

We realize English is not the first language of everyone who visits the forum and there will be exceptions to the above.


Also, please transcribe every line, the "x2" thing is usually inaccurate, even if it's only an accent word, "well", "oh" etc

Not being anal or anything.

Dare I also mention the proper use of capitals and never that awful lower case text message stuff  >:(

I can translate the lyrics in some languages.

Dr Pryor:
Dear all, this is my first time on your website. I am currently working on translating 10 to 15 blues songs into French for a possible publishing project with illos... So far, translation is OK but I have troubles understanding verses sometimes.

Case # 1: Tommy Johnson's Cool Drink of water, verse # 4. Does he really say:
"It's done taken your faro, blowed its smoke on you"
Is Faro the card game? Then what does it mean?

Case # 2: I have managed to get Memphis Minnie's Bad luck woman entire lyrics after hundreds of listening but even with the help of Paul Garon (author of Minnie's biography), I couldnt get the 2nd line of verse #1. Can you help?
Every man I get, if he don't get sick, he will die
[Does a woman take away from them, a doggone fly]???

Needless to say, all lyrics websites give either a wrong version of the lyrics, or a version derived from a cover.
Thank you all in advance,


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