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Hi All,
In response to Alex's suggestion that there be a thread parallel to the "Adventures in Spanish" one, here goes--as in the spanish thread, let's include non-slide pieces only.  Delta numbers are okay for inclusion, I think, because there weren't that many of them (at least I think there weren't).  I'll just get things started.
1) Old Timey Rider-Clifford Gibson
2) Joe Turner Blues-Bill Broonzy
3) Steamboat Whistle Blues-John Jackson
4) Knoxville Blues-Sam McGhee
5) If You Don't Want Me-John Hurt
6) Dinner Blues-Bo Carter
All best,


I'll Add:

1. Police Dog Blues and Down in the Country - Blind Blake

2. Little Woman, You're So Sweet - BB Fuller

3. That's No Way to Get Along - Robert Wilkins

I'm not sure, Is Sweet Jivin' Mama by Blind Blake in Open D?

edited : sorry about the Kassie Jones brain cramp.

Hard to tell, 'bout a man like me,

uncle bud:
Kassie Jones is in spanish.

Re. Sweet Jivin' Mama. That's an odd one, sounding in A, but played in open D (I think Woody Mann has a different tuning for it, which we can dispute :) ). Going from memory here, so may be completely wrong.


John Henry -- Etta Baker/Josh White/many others
Payday - MJH

Hi all,
Some more to add to the list--
1. K.C. Blues--Hobart Smith (whew!)
2. The Train That Carried My Girl From Town--Doc Watson, from the old Watson Family album on Folkways.  I think it's the best thing Doc ever did, and that is going some.
3. Big Chief Blues--Furry Lewis
4. Weary Lonesome Blues--Roy Harvey and Leonard Copeland
5. Ice and Snow Blues--Clifford Gibson
6. Vastapol--Elizabeth Cotten
7. Good Gal--Josh White
8. Cigarette Blues--Bo Carter
All best,


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