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Can anyone figure out what Peg Leg Howell and His Gang are singing in Moanin' and Groanin' the Blues (it's on one of the Old Hat CDs: either? "Violin Sing the Blues..." or "Folks He Sure Do ...").
Here's all that I can get:

[first bit of Mmmm's]

Some girls ....???
Some girls .....???
But they .....??? to my sweet mama
That's the reason I worry you, honey, like I do

[another round of Mmmmm's]

Some girls get married, some girls get fat
that's the reason .....? no more(?)
give me sweet Mary, take her to my home
If I can't find a brown girl ... to do the ...?

[final Mmmm's]

Hey, MotMot. Welcome to Weenie Campbell. As you have probably already noticed, we derive a great deal of fun around here from trying to figure out really obscured vocals. The best thing to do is to post an mp3 of the song. If you select the Additional Options link, which is just below the text box on the Post reply page, you will see that you can attach files of various types, including mp3s. The only catch is that there is a size limit, which is 800 KB. So you need to shrink the mp3 before you can attach it. If you are working from a CD, the best thing to do is to import it to your computer's mp3 player (I use ITunes on my Mac), making sure that you import in mono and that you reduce the bit sampling rate enough to reduce the file size to below 800 KB. If you know the size of the original file you can make a ballpark calculation, or a little experimenting will get you there. Once you've got it small enough you can attach and post and we'll all be onboard the relief effort. Of course, by the time I've posted this, Frank or John M. or one of the other guys who seem to own the entire Document catalogue will probably already have fulfilled your wishes. I'm just tryin' to get a listen to Peg Leg and his Gang 'cause I just read about him in Bastin's Red River Blues (great book) and I don't have any of their stuff. That'll mean a trip to Down Home Music. By the way, you've already fulfilled the other requirement, which is to post your own first attempt, which let's everyone know you're trying, and not just lazy. Good show.
All for now.
John C.

Hi MotMot,
I just listened to this on an old OJL album I have that's devoted to Peg Leg and His Gang.? I don't have all the lyrics but I think I have some of them.? The first unmoaned verse begins, I believe,
?My gal's in trouble,
?My gal's in trouble
?And that's the reason why you hear me moanin' like I do

 End of the last line of the second verse with words is, I think,
?If I can't get a brownskin gonna do the best I can.
I will keep listening and see if I can add to this.
All best,

A great tune with incomprehensible lyrics and really wild fiddle playing...wish I could help you more, but the  lack of decipherable lyrics doesn't really hurt the tune.

uncle bud:
It's on "Folks He Sure Do Pull Some Bow", which I don't have. John C. you can hear a little (only the humming verse) at Old Hat's site.


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