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Possible footage of Fiddlin John Carson from 1919

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Hi all,
I was alerted to the below footage today which seems to show Fiddlin John Carson (and many unknown others) fiddling for a film crew outside of a Fiddlers Convention in 1919. John Carson (presumably), in a long coat, makes his main appearance at around the one minute and six second mark.

It certainly looks a lot like him. There's a closer shot of him playing behind the folks in the next shot, which I added here. It'd be great to know where that footage was shot. Amazing footage whoever is in it!

I was alerted to the footage on Instagram by the user 'historyofcountrymusic' who speculates that the footage could be from the Atlanta Fiddlers convention held that year but admits that we don't know for sure. He is fairly certain it is John Carson in the footage and I tend to agree though it would be nice to see an identified photo of him from around that same year/in a similar hat. I think most photos we have of him are from a few years later after he started recording and was wearing a slightly different style of hat.


I saw that Instagram post about an hour after I saw your post here. Here's a photo of John that is labeled 1914. I would assume he had several hats!

Suzy T:
I'm trying to figure out what tune(s) they are playing.  It is definitely in G.  Kinda looks like something Sally Goodin-ish or maybe Betty Baker-ish.


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