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Blind Willie McTell


Frog records have announced a forthcoming Piedmont set which will include the complete Ed Rhodes session.  Details on their web site. Incredible how much initially unissued McTell stuff has appeared over the years.

I was listening to McTell (what a brilliant mind he had) talking on the Lomax session. At 2.42 he mentions to have recorded "Cigarette Blues". Was it never issued or 78 not to be found?

I don't think he ever recorded a number under that title, Harry, even an unissued one, but I'd be willing to make a guess that it could have been his title for "Mr. McTell's Got the Blues," which has the line "Cigarettes is my ruin, whiskey is my crave." Or of course it could be a title that he played and never recorded, of course, but given McTell's memory...

Should have done a google search before asking the question.

And from the Wirz site;

- Cigarette Blues (149301-1) #
- Real Jazz Mama (149318-1) *

# rec. October 30, 1929 in Atlanta, GA; Blind Willie McTell, voc, g
* rec. October 31, 1929 in Atlanta, GA; Blind Willie McTell, voc, g

Columbia unissued

Shoot, I looked on Stefan's site, and missed that! I was looking at the unissued stuff from 1936 with Piano Red and should have looked further back.


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