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New book released: "East Coast Fingerstyle Blues"

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Hi all,
Stefan Grossman just announced today the release of my new book, "East Coast Fingerstyle Blues", an anthology of transcriptions of East Coast Blues recorded by a variety of players recorded between the mid-20s and the '70s.  There are 25 songs in the book, with transcriptions in TAB and standard notation, all the lyrics transcribed, playing tips, and short bios of all of the players, as well as a host of terrific photos from Stefan's archive.  Here is the tune list for the book:  PEG LEG HOWELL Walking Blues LUKE JORDAN Cocaine Blues, If I Call You Mama WILLIAM MOORE Barbershop Rag, Ragtime Millionaire BLIND BLAKE Hard Road Blues BLIND WILLIE McTELL Writin' Paper Blues, Drive Away Blues, Stomp Down Rider CARL MARTIN Old Time Blues BUDDY MOSS Unkind Woman, Some Lonesome Day, Too Doggone Jealous, Baby, You're the One For Me BLIND BOY FULLER I Crave My Pigmeat. Mamie, Walking My Troubles Away, Worn Out Engine FLOYD COUNCIL Runaway Man Blues VIRGIL CHILDERS Dago Blues SONNY JONES Dough Roller GABRIEL BROWN Going My Way RALPH WILLIS Just A Note WILLIE TRICE Good Time Boogie HENRY JOHNSON Crow Jane.  To find out more about the book or purchase it, go to: .
All best,

Thanks for the heads up, John. It looks like a great selection of songs. I'm sure that it will be worth every penny--and then some.

Thanks for the good words, Stuart.  I'm really glad to have an opportunity to feature the songs of great but relatively unknown players like Gabriel Brown, Sonny Jones, Virgil Childers, Ralph Willis and Willie Trice, as well as heavy hitters like Willie McTell, Blind Boy Fuller, and perhaps especially Buddy Moss.  So much great music came out of this region in the period covered by the book.  There could be two or three more books covering the same region in the same period, with no duplication of the artists presented, that would be equally as strong musically as the songs selected for this book.
All best,

joe paul:
Great! I'd been wondering when this was due.
Just listening to the songs now, some are old friends, some I'm discovering for the first time and I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun getting to know them. Cool photos too.
Thanks for this John!

Thanks John, looks like another winner. I remember a discussion on Weenie and other sites on the guitar player that's on the front cover.


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