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How do!

Long time lurker, first time poster.  :)

Thought some on the forum might like a gander at some recent clips on my youtube channel. Recently acquired a piano and instigated a couple of sessions with pals attempting to record in the wee room with one mic. Videos are just documents of a recording taking place really, rather than attempts at making entertaining videos, but could be of interest for those who've tried recording this type of music in 'proper' studios where they come out sounding like the 1980s. Of course, the players involved are most of what makes it work, and we have forum member Prof Scratchy (actually can't remember his exact handle on here, hah) on the reso here (and funnily enough no piano in this number). I'm singing this one. Check the channel for more videos including a cracking Kissing in the Dark sang by the Prof! :-)

Hope ye enjoy.



Parlor Picker:
Excellent - and featuring good friend Prof. Scratchy! Their other videos are well worth a look as well.

Sounding good boys. I recognize another Weenie member on mandoline.

One mic is all you need.

Cheers both! Ah, is Thomas on here too?  :)

Hope I posted this in the right area by the way, just found the back porch bit and see people posting clips there. I was going by the descriptions of each branch in the main forum.  :-\

That was great. Superb singing!


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