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Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Lucille?


Hello folks,
Greeting from Bonny Scotland. I was wondering if anyone could help with this: I have a snatch of song running through my head (over a rag mama, or salty dog chord progression) but cannot work out where I picked it up (maybe Leon Redbone but no obvious tracks come to mind) and also whether there is a fuller song to go with it. What I have:
"Has anybody seen my sweet Lucille, I love that gal and I know she gonna treat me right". A google search was no help

Hope someone can help

The Peetie Wheatstraw song 'Sweet Lucille' doesn't seem to contain the exact line you're referencing but has some that come close.

Tenbrook, many thanks for that. Sounds good but unfortunately the melody and feel/pace is entirely different. I will keep dredging (still convinced it was Leon Redbone that did a snatch of it somewhere). Thanks again for posting. jc
STOP PRESS: found it, it is part of "That's All I do" on his "Live" CD (which is mainly him doing some extremely eccentric but entertaining scat singing); unless there is yet another version he did it seems like I may have mutated it a bit since I started singing it myself!


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