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BLJ and Robert Johnson 78ís Reissued for ĎRecord Store Day 2018í


Very cool! Two great records reissued on 78ís! In 2018!

The link below only shows the BLJ record (Match Box Blues/Black Snake Moan), but the RJ record (Cross Road Blues/Rambliní On My Mind) is also out there.

Each reissue is limited to 950 total units, and was specifically intended to be sold in person at local record stores, but can now be found online at a couple of retailers. I ordered one of each from:

Iím hopeful, but not optimistic about the sound quality. Iím hoping these are new transfers from some masters, and will sound good. But Iím worried that they were simply recordings of a regular old copy. Either way, the price beats the crap out of originals!

Very cool. Back to the future!

Have bought the BLJ record, will probably take that out of the sleeve, put it into a generic 78rpm sleeve, and put it on the wall with a glass frame ... to be located in my music room as a gimmic to visiting blued nerds. :))


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