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I'm alive barely


It has been quite a while since I attended Port Townsend. Many things have happened since then. I retired, start playing music full time, started recording in my studio and one of the projects I  produced was nominated for a Grammy. My alcoholic wife of 20 years tried to kill me with a sword when I asked her for a divorce. We are now divorced and we'll have the equity distribution hearing first week in October. On top of that, a year-and-a-half ago they discovered I had stage 4 adenocarcinoma and they gave me a few weeks to a month to live. I fought it with a whole bunch of stuff and was in remission for most of the year and that it came back with a vengeance. 6 weeks ago they're ready to put me in payments in house hospice care and gave me a few weeks live.

My oncologist was able to get me a new drug that targeted the BRAF genetic mutation in my cancer cells. I have been on the drugs now for 5 weeks and it is curing my cancer. So what does this have to do with Port Townsend country Blues Workshop. Well the house will be sold in this spring and I am buying a camper and traveling until I can't anymore. I intend to attend this summer. I figure I have a few years before it comes back or global warming kills us all. Until then, I'm going to enjoy every moment of my life and look forward to seeing you guys next year if I'm alive. If I am totally cured of cancer. And it looks like that might happen, I am seriously contemplating moving to Sequin Washington in a couple of years so I can fish, crab, play music, set up my home studio and have fun. I'm 73 years old and my mother lived to 97, so if I beat the cancer I've got another 15 to 20 years ahead of me.

Wish me luck.

Hey, Gene, I wish you all the luck you need. I remember you well from PT and have not been for many years myself. I have become a medical social worker for my remaining working years (only 3 more, I hope) and have done hospice work, so have some idea of the trauma you must be going through. Fortunately amazing strides are being made in cancer research. If your travels bring you to the SF Bay Area let me know.


SF is in the plans.  We will get together and make beautiful music

Hey Swampy:

As a fellow cancer surviver, keep it up. I remember you well from the my earliest PT days, and your J-200.

If you do decide to go to PT next year, let me know. I might join you.

And no worries about global warming.


Prof Scratchy:
Great to hear youíre looking up and looking ahead. Thatís quite a time youíve had, and I wish you all the very best with your plans.

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