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Norfolk Slim:
I am in the process of trying to build a new youtube channel featuring only more recent and polished tunes, so as to have something to direct people to for potential gigs etc.  I am also trying out some new recording equipment.  So here is the result of the intersection of those two things!

This is a tune I've been playing for years now.  One of my "go to" tunes when playing out.  I think I;ve posted it on the back porch before in various states (including a very early 2005 posting) but this is the polished one for the new channel...

Prof Scratchy:
Good stuff, NS! How about a link to your channel page so we can subscribe?

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Norfolk Slim:
Sure :-)

Nice one Simon!  love this song, loved your "old" version and this is really great.  Looks like you've got a lot goin on there but it seems to be working :)

Really a nice job, Simon!  Your time sounds really snappy and emphatic, and I like the clearer vocal tone with occasional gravel rather than continuous gravel.  You sound like you mean it!
All best,


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