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MJH and a J-45?

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I'm kicking around buying a J-45 and ran across a "player" list that has Mississippi John Hurt on it. I did not know that and wonder if any of his recordings are of him with the Gibson. Anyone know?


I'm pretty sure the following information is correct .... maybe someone can confirm it.

In 1963 John was living in Avalon, and was rediscovered by Tom Hoskins after Tom had listened to John's song "Avalon Blues". Tom went to Avalon to see if John was there. John then temporarily left Avalon and made a record called "Folk Songs and Blues" for Piedmont Records. Tom owned a J45 and it was this guitar that John used on that record.

Thanks Jimbo...I dug out my copy of "MJH His Life, His Times, His Blues" by Ratcliffe and sure enough, just as you say, on pg 152 shows an album cover "Folk Songs and Blues" with him playing Hoskins J45. On page 168, a photo shows John Hurt playing a gig with the J45 (Ontario Place).


J 45 is perfect for his style.  I think I read somewhere that J 45 had the finish taken off and several other modifications

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That's interesting about the modifications. Wonder what the details are.
I've been researching the new guitar market and am surprised how the Gibsons have held their value; at least those years that are deemed good years. There are a few enlightening video interviews with Ren Ferguson about the history of Gibson.
The timing right now of Gibson going bankrupt disturbs me a bit (just my luck). I?ll more than likely wait and see what happens at (to?) Gibson or go a different route as I?m seeing a lot of competition in that price range.



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