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Dust to Digital set - Voices of Mississippi - William Ferris Field Recordings

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Hi all,
Just received email notice of a new release coming in June from Dust to Digital that seems right up a lot of our alley's.

From Dust to Digital: "This watershed release represents the lifes work of William Ferris, an audio recordist, filmmaker, folklorist, and teacher with an unwavering commitment to establish and to expand the study of the American South."

More on the release and some track previews available here:

Thanks for the notice on that set, Lew.  It's interesting--Stefan Wirz has been putting a lot of the tracks from that set up on his YouTube channel lately.  I've featured a couple of them in the Miller's Breakdown thread.
All best,

This set was released today. Dust to Digital shared these links. The first is a lengthy profile of Bill Ferris and his documentary work (with lots of great photos) and the second contains a recent interview:

Thanks for the heads-up, TenBrook.

With a few minutes to kill, I followed the links to this page:

For "free samples" you'll have access to a couple of fine Lovey Williams cuts, and a little bit of this and that from other individuals and groups worth listening to.


Came today, really elegant package.  Looking forward to listening to the material....
Not really enjoying this at this time.

I gather they transcribed some of the spoken word in the book but its pretty small type.  I already have the Bill Ferris McDowell selections they present via "Come and Found You Gone", though I am surprised to find that there are 2 noted as unknown artist as I had thought they were Annie Mcdowell.

Besides the Son Thomas photo, I saw it advertised with a short clip of Broomman and Son Thomas by Ferris to celebrate the release,and was hoping for more footage like that, but more footage like that is not in the package.

i'd recommend, which I should have done, going to Amazon as its in their Digital Music and sampling the selections before buying- it may be something you'd be interested in..​

Best to All,


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