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Hi folks, been lurking here a wee while, so, first post.
Can anyone recommend the best remasters for Charley Patton, please?

I have the 3 CDs released by Document Records, and the 5CD "complete recordings" box set from JSP. The JSP box set is basically the same tracks as the 3 cd's from Document Records, but with 2 extra CDs added featuring Willie Brown, Son House, basically stuff I already have. All these recordings feature some surface noise in varying degrees.

I bought the Definitive Charley Patton boxset from Catfish, it has a lot of the surface noise removed, but somehow the dynamics of the music have suffered, it can come across as a wee bit "wooly" in tone, to my ears anyway.

I have had Charley Patton - Founder of the Delta Blues 1929-1934 on Yazoo recommended as best, but can't find it anywhere, (I live in Scotland), online sources seem to suggest it's out of print.

Any advice welcome. Thanks.

Hi MacSpadger,

And wellcome to weenieforum. I can't say which one of th Charlie Patton remasters are best sounding. But you can check  the Discogs page of Charlie Patton where you can find lots of The Founder of the Delta Bluse versions for example. Click the link. and then clic the For Sale link.

Happy hunting!


I?ve been lurking on the forum as well. I?ve been listening to these Patton recordings for nearly forty years, first on vinyl then on CD.  In my opinion the best sounding transfers are on two Yazoo CDs:  The Best of Charlie Patton, and Primeval Blues, Rags and Gospel Songs. The transfers were done by Richard Nevins. There is still surface noise - given the condition of the originals that?s a given - but the vocals and guitar on these versions are the most natural and ?musical? sounding I?ve heard for Patton. The remastering of 78s is an art form and the experiences of the listener are very subjective. Some people don?t like any surface noise and others hate the lack of dynamics that you?ve detected in the Catfish set.  I?ve always found the lack of dynamics much more grating than the surface noise. I admire the work of Richard Nevins and think he?s found a nearly perfect balance between surface noise and preserving the musicality of the performances.  You can listen to samples on Amazon to judge for yourself.  The two CDs will give you 46 tracks - not quite all of his work.

Edit:  following up on a suggestion below, here is an Amazon link created through the Weenie Campbell search box that will retrieve both of the Yazoo CDs I mentioned:


There is usually a link on each page to amazon whereby Weeniecampbell gets a small commision but I can't find it. Has it been deactivated or is it just my browser?

Welcome McSpadger and Lcgrady!

In addition to the two Yazoo CDs, I would add any of the remasterings on the Tefteller Blues Images calendar CDs. Richard Nevins did quite a few of them, if I'm not mistaken, and the folks doing them now are following in his footsteps and using the techniques that the American Epic folks used as well. There are several tracks scattered throughout the CDs.


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