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Uh - but we celebratin' Christmas wrong from the way I look at the matter - shootin' off fireworks, cussin', and dancin', raisin' all other kinds of sand... uh - Death may be your Santa Claus! All of you who are decoratin' your rooms and gettin' ready for an all night dance - Death may be your Santa Claus! Death is on your track and is going to overtake you after awhile - Death may be your Santa Claus! - Reverend J.M. Gates

Results for Buddy Moss
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22 Buddy Moss recordings from the 70s and 80sJohnLeePimp4696
8 Bar Blues With 12 Bar Breaksdj72153
Blues Forms and Vocal PhrasingJohnm6914080
Buddy MossJohnm4412653
Buddy Moss (Some Lonesome Day)Michael Kuehn11663
Buddy Moss - prison photo & biooutfidel386582
Buddy Moss 1971 InterviewBunker Hill21801
Buddy Moss Discography103117
Buddy Moss LyricsSlack20322336
Buddy Moss's Guitar Playing--Queries and Tipswaxwing299141
Favourite Recording SessionsCF459903
Josh White LyricsScottN282819
Miller's BreakdownJohnm206897360
New Buddy Moss vinyl LP of 1963 recordings by George MitchellPan5440
Sonny Jones's "Dough Roller"Johnm21241
SOTM - January 29, 2016 - "Red River Blues"Johnm151361
SOTM 26 August 2016 Dupree BluesProf Scratchy9612
SOTM December 2018 Hey Lordy Mama / Meet Me In The BottomRivers471545
The Atlanta Blues: Buddy Moss JasO152152
The George Mitchell Collection--Tunings/PositionsJohnm2711235
The Influence of Lonnie JohnsonJohnm4010065
The Thumb Has ItJohnm282459
Three Frets Up, and What You Find ThereJohnm191486
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