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Country Blues Lyrics / Re: I'm going home - WD "Bama" Stuart
« Last post by DaleTeague on September 06, 2019, 09:11:26 PM »
I stumbled onto this forum while trying to figure out how to play Im goin home . Instead I found an explanation of the symbolism in the song and decided Id ask to stay. XD.  I would love some input on the chords but certainly thank you for adding me.
SOTM - Song Of The Month / SOTM September 2019 - Mama Don't Allow
« Last post by Rivers on September 06, 2019, 09:03:55 PM »
This is going to be a "drip feed" SOTM because I'm real busy on the farm getting ready for the chilly season. Plus it might work as a format for these threads going forward anyway, let's see what happens.

Many of us with an ear for music first became aware of the Mama Don't Allow group of songs during the folk blues revival of the early Sixties. But this was long after the song first started appearing on record. For this initial post I'm going to focus on some roots, and maybe comment on the various musical, lyrical formats and cultural aspects.

First up, here's the great Arthur Crudup with his combination of great groove and a voice I could listen to all day:

I think this illustrates one approach to the song. It's very adapted to the player's personal style, presented as a 12 bar blues, and only a single thing his mama don't allow him to do, i.e. "...stay out all night long".

Of course there are a thousand variations on this theme, musically, lyrically and culturally. I look forward to hearing and reading your comments on this song.



Hi all,
Not sure if the 'Been All Around This World' podcast from the Alan Lomax Archive has been mentioned here before but the first episode of season 2 is up today. The description from the site:
"The Fall 2019 season of the program will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the so-called 'Southern Journey' field-recording trip and explore various regions, traditions, and performers Lomax and Collins visited and recorded. This first episode is a (highly cursory) survey."

And here's the link:
Country Blues Licks and Lessons / Re: Adventures in Cross Note
« Last post by Johnm on September 05, 2019, 05:28:00 PM »
Hi all,
Fred McDowell played "Jim Steam Killed Lula" out of cross-note tuning on his album "Levee Camp Blues", on Testament Records.
All best,
Down the Dirt Road / Re: - Interesting Country Blues related video clips
« Last post by eric on September 05, 2019, 01:02:28 PM »
I was listening to the Big Road Blues link posted by jharris in the Blues Come to Texas thread, and heard this great Texas piano piece by Andy Boy:

Country Blues Lyrics / Re: Fred McDowell lyrics
« Last post by Johnm on September 05, 2019, 11:18:42 AM »
Hi all,
"Jim Steam Killed Lula" is on the Fred McDowell Testament recording, "Levee Camp Blues".  It is a beautiful, trancey piece that Fred McDowell played out of cross-note tuning.  His heavy time here is very reminiscent of that of Robert Wilkins' time on "Nashville Stonewall Blues", which Wilkins similarly played in cross-note tuning.  Here is Fred McDowell's performance:


Oh, Jim killed Lula, on a Friday night
Oh, Jim killed Lula, on a Friday, on a Friday night, Lord

Oh, Jim got ninety, Steam got ninety-nine
Oh, Jim got ninety, Steam got ninety, Steam got ninety-nine, Lord

Ten thousand people, at one buryin' ground
Ten thousand people, at one buryin', at one buryin' ground, Lord

Just to see undertaker, let poor Lula down
Just to see the undertaker, Lord, let poor Lula, let poor Lula down

Well the church bell ringin', hearseman drivin' slow
Well the church bell ringin', hearseman drivin', hearseman drivin' slow

I hate so bad, Lord, see poor Lula go
I hate it so bad, see poor Lula, see poor Lula, Lord

All best,
Thanks for the links, I will definitely check all of that out.

I picked up the book from my local library today and as Chris noted it is very dense and feels more like a research book than something you would want to read cover to cover. But it is a beautiful looking book and I do look forward to reading as much as I can before I have to return it to the library. So far I'm enjoying reading the introductory notes on the history of Paul and Mack's correspondence on their planned collaboration.

Performance Corner / Re: 99 Year Blues
« Last post by Parlor Picker on September 05, 2019, 01:45:54 AM »
Well I like it!
There is some fascinating research in this book but as Chris said, very dense.

I interviewed Alan Govenar regrading the book and aired it on my show in two parts:



Also, attached is a review of the book and an interview with Kip Lornell about the book from Blues & Rhythm 340. I scanned this for Alan as he had not see these yet:


Thanks all. Turns out they have it at my local library so I put a hold in. Looking forward to checking it out.
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