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The electric guitar is a fraud; the sound rings because of the electricity, not because of the player - Mance Lipscomb, speaks his mind

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Jam Session / Re: Gardening
« Last post by Johnm on June 08, 2021, 09:46:51 AM »
Yes, exciting and tiring! I'm not used to the all-nighters. But it's wonderful to be around new life. And these baby goats' coordination develops so quickly, it's amazing. Nugget is a week-and-a-half old and he's tearing around the paddock and jumping up and down off the play structures. In a little bit Nettie Lu will be able to join him in the romps. And then the moms can concentrate on eating.
Jam Session / Re: Gardening
« Last post by harriet on June 08, 2021, 09:20:09 AM »
Thanks for posting Nettle Lu and Mom' picture  - I think it displayed correctly on my computer  - exciting time for you and Ginny I would imagine. 
Jam Session / Re: Gardening
« Last post by Johnm on June 08, 2021, 08:30:58 AM »
Thanks, Harriet! Our second goat, Lulabelle, kidded Saturday night, around 2:15 AM, a little doeling named Nettie Lu. I"m attaching a photo of mother and daughter. NOTE: For some reason the site software rotates the photos. If you rotate your computer 90 degrees clockwise, you can view the photo as it was taken.
All best,
Jam Session / Re: Gardening
« Last post by harriet on June 07, 2021, 10:30:49 AM »
Hello Nugget!
Congratulations on the successful gardens all.

Jam Session / Re: Gardening
« Last post by Slack on June 07, 2021, 09:12:44 AM »
Johnm, vine ripened tomatoes are like gold... salt and pepper is how I like them (and we have plenty of fresh salsas on the border).  I took extras to Marfa for a gathering this past weekend and they do not last long.  I do like to make Chow Chow in the fall with green tomatoes if I have them.   Most of the sauces I make are pepper based. Salsa macha, made with dried peppers, is a favorite,  I have also recently subbed to reddit's r/hotsaucerecipes - which has some very interesting recipes, both fermented and fresh, using a variety of fruit, hot peppers, veggies, spices etc.  ... I plan to branch out to some of those.

All clear now! Thank you so much! I have a feeling Iíll be using this book for years.

Jam Session / Re: Gardening
« Last post by Johnm on June 06, 2021, 08:49:29 PM »
Thanks, Slack! Wow--6-foot tall tomato plants, you obviously have the right climate for tomatoes in El Paso. And already harvesting them--we're a long way from being there. Do you make sauce or salsa? It sounds like you have enough to do that. Congratulations!
All best,
Hi sofingraw,
I"m really pleased that you're excited about the Lemon book. It was indeed a labor of love as you suggest. As for your question about what I meant by suggesting the use of the index finger across the neck at the first fret, the second finger at the second fret, etc., what I meant was not barring at the indicated frets by the fingers as described but rather, that any note occurring at the first fret, regardless of what string it is on, will be fingered by the index finger, any note occurring at the second fret, regardless of what string it is on, will be fingered by the second finger, and so on. Does that help clarify what I meant?

The advantage of adopting such an approach in the fretting hand is that it greatly reduces the amount of lateral movement that is required for the fretting hand, and sets things up so that a given finger may move back and forth across the neck, but will only rarely have to move up and down the neck. So if you look at the intro of "Got The Blues", you end up using your third finger to fret, at various points, the third fret of the first, second and third strings, your second finger to fret the second fret of the fourth string, and your index finger to fret the first fret of the first string. And your fretting hand ends up being perfectly still, in terms of movement up and down the neck. So it takes a passage that in the picking hand is very florid and busy and makes you realize that in the fretting hand it is really pretty easy.

I hope the example helps make clear what I was talking about in making those fingering assignments.

All best,
Country Blues Licks and Lessons / Re: Tuition videos that don't exist
« Last post by sofingraw on June 06, 2021, 06:54:47 PM »
Without beating around the bush, I think a lot of white performers are afraid, unable and/or otherwise unwilling to present themselves as direct imitators, primarily vocally, of original country blues musicians.

And often, that is with good reason, IMO.

It’s very close to, or actually is cultural appropriation if you’re not careful. And at worst, it’s almost like blackface. (Blackvoice?)

There is much less concern with copying guitar parts by rote and note for note.

The truth is though, one can only sound so authentic if they don’t give the vocal the right flavor as well as the music. As another poster said, Bach should sound like Bach, and blues should sound like blues.

I do quite agree that it would be refreshing to see more people using the original songs as jumping off points both vocally, lyrically, and musically for new country blues music.

After all, that’s exactly how it was always done by the original artists. They made up completely new numbers often, but it seems like more often they made new versions of old standards, or used the old songs (or portions of, lines from) as jumping off points and went from there.

I think it’s hard to toe the line sometimes between authenticity and creativity.

We can copy everything as much as possible, and stay as close to ‘authentic’ as we are able.

Or we can take our tools and skills learned and try to create something good that’s based on the original stuff.

Stray too far and we’re not playing country blues anymore. But don’t stray at all, and what are we really doing?

I’m not poking at anyone in specific or pointing any fingers, except at perhaps myself. Just sharing some thoughts and observations.

Also, Re: the 2010 original post and the reason nobody has done Patton until recently, (great job Tom Feldmann)  but had not at that time... got to say, I believe it’s fear and respect. 

Patton is on a higher plane with some of his stuff. It’s beyond the reach of many, even great players, especially rythymically.

Same reason there aren’t that many folks covering Hendrix. It’s just mind boggling some of that stuff, and when you get it even a little wrong... everyone notices.

Nobody wants to be the guy playing the awful cover of such well known and highly regarded giants.

Quite intimidating.
I bought the Blind Lemon book and I love it so far!

Thank you for all the hard work in getting it together.

I agree that the book is worth it even without transcriptions! Just the tips and essays about Lemon and his manner of play and idiosyncrasies as well as the biography are well worth the price of admission, without a doubt.

Thanks to your lesson, I have already improved my playing of ĎEasy Riderí by finally doing the signature lick correctly. I had figured a Ďnot quite, but okí version out by ear, but now it not only sounds right, but is even more fun and satisfying to play!

Thank you again!

Iím basically working on one of the easier and one of the harder songs within at the same time, Easy Rider and Got the Blues.

If I may ask, can you help me to clarify what you mean in the Got the Blues lesson by fingering the third fret across the neck with the third finger, second with the second, etc?

It seems simple when I see it written, and when I write it here, but I canít seem to understand how it works in practice. Iím
picturing barre-ing the fingers one behind the other, but it hat doesnít seem right.

For example, when doing the intro, Iím using a G shape and moving my fingers from there as needed. That doesnít seem to be what you recommended.

Iíd definitely like to get that fretting hand calmed down so I can focus on the picking.

Thanks again for such an AWESOME book. I hope it was a labor of love!
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