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Title: a gig
Post by: eagle rockin daddy on October 02, 2006, 08:53:10 AM
Hi all,

A month or so ago I got a call from an acquaintance asking me to be part of a show her vocal group was putting on.  It seem she is a member of a women's barbershop chorus of about 25 women that perform and compete.  The chorus qualified for an international competition in Florida that is being held later this year, and they decided to have the theme of their annual fund-raising concert be 'Songs of the South', and be a journey from Vermont (where we live) to New Orleans.  They wanted to have someone be a New Orleans street singer and sing some blues.  How they got my name I have no idea, as I perform rarely, but they did, so I said yes, as long as they would sing a song with me.  The song I had in mind was 'How Happy I Am' by Rev. Davis.  I have always wanted to perform this with a chorus.  Well the show was last Saturday and went great.  I got to sing more than the two tunes I planned on as one group had to cancel.  I played 'Mississippi Blues', 'Fishin Blues', and 'Travelin' Man' as well.  It went great, and the sound was wonderful.  I did feel a little out of place, as what I do is so different than what they do, but it went well, and people were entertained.  Actually many of the songs that the chorus and smaller groups sang were from the same era as my tunes, and shared some of the same raggy progressions.

I know that on this forum there are a many musicians who perform a lot, so one gig might not seem like so much, but this was a great event for me, and I wanted to share it.  I am sooooo grateful for the opportunity to share this music with others, and anytime I can get Rev. Davis' music out in public, I feel part of my purpose in life is fulfilled.

Title: Re: a gig
Post by: Pan on October 02, 2006, 09:00:32 AM
That's fantastic!

You don't get to play this type of music with a full chorus every day! I envy you! :D


Title: Re: a gig
Post by: Slack on October 02, 2006, 09:02:12 AM
Very cool Mike!  Performing in public is a big deal-- congratulations!  And what a novel way for a 25 member Babrshop group to give perspective to the music they are sining!
Title: Re: a gig
Post by: uncle bud on October 02, 2006, 11:01:22 AM
Congrats Mike! Sounds like a blast.
Title: Re: a gig
Post by: waxwing on October 02, 2006, 09:05:18 PM
It is particularly cool to turn other musicians on to this music. It is much more likely to inform their own music and can often inspire them to get involved in playing the old blues themselves.


All for now.
John C.
Title: Re: a gig
Post by: book on November 09, 2006, 08:31:42 PM
Hey, Congrats to you, sounds like you had a ball!  It is always a thrill to have what you love, bring joy to others......That's why I do it!
Have a great vacation, Your Pal, The Book
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